Ventura County – Supervisors – 2022 General Election

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WARNING! DON’T SKIP OVER THESE “DOWN-BALLOT ISSUES! Blue state or not, the results of these close-to-home races will determine if you feel like you’re living in a democracy or a GOP White Supremacy/Christian Nationalist hellhole. These SUPERVISORS RACES will decided whether or not our county’s leaders will take climate change seriously and make the necessary changes to protect us and the environment..

Supervisor, Ventura County – District 2

District 2: Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Somis, Oak Park and northern and eastern portions of Camarillo See new map

Debate videos

[UPDATED] In what’s shaping up to be the most crucial Ventura County supervisor’s race in decades, [Republican Jeff Gorell is] attempting to sink a Thousand Oaks councilwoman’s bid to succeed the board’s longtime environmental champion, Linda Parks.

The election could flip the Board of Supervisors’ 3-2 votes on environmental issues if a conservative majority is elected in June or in a November runoff.

“Voters will have the decision on whether the values of the board held for the last 40 years will continue or whether they will take a radical departure,” said Steven Auclair, chairman of the Ventura County Democratic Party.

He said the board’s pro-environment and public health stance that began in the early 1980s could be lost in this election.

“We fully expect oil and developers will try to influence this election to gain control of the Board of Supervisors,” Auclair said.

Supervisor – District 2: Claudia Bill-De-La-Peña 

Endorsements here: (Sampling below)

GOOD club
Henry Stern
Linda parks 1
sierra club
SEIU 2015SEIU 721

Additional comments:

(Indivisible Conejo)

Notes on Supervisor Division 2 race:

  • (November) Claudia Bill-de la Peña: The rhetoric on both sides of this race is overheated, and the tactics on Jeff Gorell’s side are despicable — particularly the use of clearly paid opposition-research trolls on social media to spread disinformation about Bill-de la Peña, and to intimidate her supporters. The stakes are extremely high: A Gorell victory would flip the Board of Supervisors away from the competent (and occasionally inspired) center-left management of recent years, and toward county governance that’s more beholden to corporate, fossil-fuel and developer interests.
  • (Primary) “..Chamber of Commerce/Acorn candidates forum (watch it here: demonstrated the stakes in this crucial election that will decide the balance of power on the Board of Supervisors. Bill-de la Peña forcefully made the case that respect for science and the environment at the county level depend on her election. She also trapped opponent Jeff Gorell in his inconsistency, irresponsibility and occasional hypocrisy, and revealed him as the right-winger he is rather than the moderate he pretends to be. Meanwhile, the proceedings reinforced the unfitness of “Move the Needle” extremist Tim McCarthy.

(Ventura County Dems) “For over 20 years, Thousand Oaks Councilwoman Claudia Bill-de la Peña has served her community. A proven independent and honest voice, Claudia has worked hard for her community and has established a solid reputation for being fair, honest, and trustworthy.”

Supervisor – District 2: Jeff Gorell 

Endorsements here

(From Primary)

  • Civil Conejo : “When elected leaders & candidates speak at McCoy’s Godspeak, they empower the extremists who have turned the Conejo Valley into a hub of anti-science, anti-Vaxx and election disinformation.
    • Mr. Gorell has also been interviewed by McCoy’s propaganda paper, the “Conejo Guardian”, where Gorell proudly noted that he helped the anti-vaxxer, pro-insurrectionist, anti-science McCoy first get elected.
    • Gorell spoke minutes after a business owner (who violated public health regulations and was invited to speak by Godpseak) rattled off conspiracy theories to robust applause.” They have posted a partial video on their page, and posted a link to the full video here: Gorell’s quotes are from about an hour into the video. Civil Conejo notes: “Watch the speaker about 15 minutes into the video — he rattles off all the conspiracy theories McCoy teaches to his flock. Note that Godspeak has to use Rumble because the COVID disinformation and extremism they spread leads to their videos being removed from YouTube.”

Supervisor, Ventura County – District 4

Debate video

  • League of Women Voters (for November election): VIDEO

Supervisor Bernando Perez – District 4 – Trustee of the Ventura County Community College District.

GOOD club
SEIU 721Liuna laborer international
  • District 4: Simi Valley, Moorpark See new map
  • League of Women Voters – District 4 Candidate forum: VIDEO 

Additional comments:

(Ventura County Dems) “Bernardo Perez has extensive community- and elected office-based leadership experience that spans over four decades, including twelve years on the Moorpark City Council including a term as Mayor. Since 2010, he has represented District 4 (Simi Valley/Moorpark) as a Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) Trustee.

Janice Parvin – District 4 – Trustee of the Ventura County Community College District.

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