Federal Candidates – 2022 General Election

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Senator – United States Senate – (Special & Regular Election)

NOTE: You have to vote on a CA senator (Alex Padilla) TWICE.

  • One for the regular 6-year term ending January 3, 2029.
  • One for the remainder of the current term ending January 3, 2023. You may vote for both contests.

Alex Padilla – CA Senator (D)

Voter’s Edge bio here.

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(Indivisible Conejo) Alex Padilla – CA Senator (D) – YES

Padilla’s so nice, you gotta vote for him twice! (once to complete Vice President Harris’ term, and again for a full term)

  • (LATimes) Endorsement: Alex Padilla is a level-headed and thoughtful lawmaker with a demonstrated commitment to improving life for the working class and immigrants, and who champions democratic ideals and institutions.
  • (Knock-LA) Governor Newsom appointed Alex Padilla as our new US Senator after Kamala Harris was elected vice president. Padilla co-sponsored the Green New Deal, says he supports Medicare for All, and was one of the few Senators to vote no on the massive increase to military spending last year. However, he takes campaign donations from health insurance companies, energy companies, and the real estate industry, and did not establish himself as a progressive during his time as a state senator.  Knock LA did not endorse Padilla in the primary, but now your choice is between an imperfect progressive and a candidate that talks about “the Hispanics” and mocks people for wearing masks. Not a difficult choice.
  • (The Bay Area Reporterlocal, independent, LGBTQ journalism): Alex Padilla is running for a full six-year term. He has been a strong ally to the LGBTQ community. In his Bay Area Reporter endorsement questionnaire, Padilla wrote that he is a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community. “I will continue fighting for a future in which the full civil and human rights of LGBTQ+ individuals are recognized,” he stated. “The assaults on the LGBTQ+ community that we see happening across the country underscore the urgency of passing legislation at the federal level that protects the rights of all LGBTQ+ Americans. I pledge to champion federal legislation, like the Equality Act, that guarantees equal protection for all.”
    • Padilla is a strong advocate for affordable housing and addressing the homelessness crisis that is gripping the state. He has proposed a Housing for All Act that would invest billions of dollars in programs that have proved able to tackle the affordable housing shortage, including the National Housing Trust Fund, and supportive housing for people with disabilities. “Many of the programs in the [Housing for All] bill were inspired by efforts that were pioneered right here in California,” he wrote, “like creating a safe parking program to create parking sites that offer places for those who live out of their vehicles to park overnight.” Funding would also go toward converting spaces like hotels, motels, and shopping malls into housing for homeless and vulnerable individuals, he noted.
    • Padilla stated that he was able to successfully push the Biden administration to extend the eviction moratorium last year, and said the government needs to reallocate federal rent relief funding to communities most in need.
    • Padilla is not widely known among Californians, which is why this election is important. One of his Democratic challengers is Santa Barbara tech billionaire Dan O’Dowd, who’s running a vanity campaign to criticize the safety of self-driving cars. Additionally, the California Democratic Party messed up when it accidentally left Padilla’s name off its list of endorsed candidates in the state voter guide; the party endorsed him back in March, as the San Francisco Chronicle reported.
    • Padilla became the first Latino in California to serve in the Senate (and he was the first Latino in state history to be elected to his former position of secretary of state). Representation matters, as we regularly point out, and having his voice in the Senate is crucial for all Californians. We recommend a vote for Padilla on the June 7 primary ballot.

GOP opponent – Mark P. Meuser

Meuser co-led the unsuccessful 2008 anti-abortion campaign to change the Colorado state constitution to define a fertilized human egg as a legal person, an incredibly dangerous concept that criminalizes women who abort and have already led to prison terms for women who miscarry (1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriages).

He took a job at Dhillon Law Group, the law office of California’ Republican National committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon, where he worked on cases challenging the state’s COVID public health restrictions in churches, Gov. Newsom’s executive order to mail every registered voter a ballot and the state’s voter registration system, which he argued, without evidence, enables non-citizens to illegally vote.

Source: https://calmatters.org/california-voter-guide-2022/us-senate/mark-meuser/

  • Age: 48
  • City of residence: Pasadena
  • Occupation: Attorney
  • Education: Oak Brook College of Law. Their motto – “Quality, Christian legal education delivered through an online platformhttps://www.obcl.edu
  • Funding: here 
  • Complete list of endorsements: Nothing on his website
  • Website: https://markmeuser.com
Republican Party of San Diego County
California Pro-life CouncilRepublican Party of Riverside County

House of Representatives – CA-24

District CA-24 – Salud Carbajal – Congressmember – (D)

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Santa Barbara Independent

District CA-24 – Brad Allen (R)

Carbajal’s opponent Brad Allen – Seriously! Please don’t put another “Ben Carson”-style disaster of a candidate – a doctor with zero experience in solving problems outside his field, but with a huge ego, in a public office. He was a one-trick-pony critic of the Affordable Health Care Act during the primary but, like other newbie candidates, has expanded his line of regressive phrases to guarantee GOP backing. We not here to provide training wheels for a man who doesn’t share our values, and hasn’t put in the work. We’re sure his skin care line is the bomb, but he has never bothered to serve his community in local public office, like Salud did. Instead, he tries to shame a dedicated public servant and leapfrog to the national stage.

As for his support of reproductive justice: “Allen said he supported the Supreme Court reversal of Roe that puts abortion rights in the hands of the state. He said end-of-term abortions should not be allowed but procedures that save the life of the mother should be. He won’t label himself as “pro-choice” or “pro-life.” “It’s all about scaring people and saying you’re this or that in order to get more money or votes,” he said. Hahahaha, seriously? He is perfectly willing to say all sorts of other nonsense to get votes. If he were to be elected, expect him to be standing right next to the worst forced-birthers.

Education: He takes issue with school policies regarding transgender identity (why would a doctor worry about gender issues affecting kids’ health and education?) and CRT being taught in K-12 schools. We worry that the a doctor who prides himself, over and over, on research, would know that the panic over CRT was a scam started by a GOP operative. It’s all just the same lazy, morally bankrupt and manipulative mush we’re seeing in all the conservative websites. The rest of his education spiel is on promoting programs that would help kill off public education. No surprises there.

Other misses: Not a word on immigration or protecting our DACA community. Also, the new “Ben Carson” should share his thoughts about Social Security and Medicare, especially since he seems entranced by becoming the new “Dr. No’ – taking over from the late Tom Coburn, a physician and an Oklahoma conservative so nicknamed for his opposition to federal spending. We already have too many politicians who would force women to give birth, but won’t spend a dime on maternal leave, health care, child care, early education, after-school programs, parental leave, etc…

Representing us should not a game for rich, bored men who think they’re the smartest guy in the room. Go start a line of something new, (orthopedic shoes maybe?) and leave us alone.

Article where he outlines his stances: https://newspress.com/determined-to-make-america-better/

Santa Barbara News-Press

(VC Star) Election 2022: What you need to know about Rep. Salud Carbajal v. Dr. Brad Allen race for Congress

House of Representatives – CA-26

District CA-26 Julia Brownley – Congressmember – (D)

North valley demLos Angeles dem. PartyCalifornia Young Democrats
Emily's listNOWNATIONAL WOMEN'S CAUCUSPlanned parenthood
Ventura Co. Women's Political CouncilCause action fundequality CA
LEAGUE OF CONSERVATION VOTERSCA league of conservative votersOcean Champions
CA Teachers associationCA fed. of teachers
Central Coast Labor CouncilcalaborfedOxnard Firefighters 1684Ventura Co. Professional Firefighters

District CA-26G – Matt Jacobs (R)

Matt Jacob’s website is a textbook study of a GOP candidate trying “not to be seen.” At least not seen as what he really is or what he will really do if elected. But buzzwords float in his bland paragraphs, and what’s missing is just as important as what’s there.

  • THE HOLOCAUST CARD: Sigh. Matt is now representing the side that is rapidly devolving into open antisemitism. (“Jewish space lasers for a 100, Alex.”) A word about this would have been great. Also, could he explain exactly how Julia Brownley does NOT believe in the “goodness of our people and the greatness of our country,” or was this just an opportunity to install a GOP-fake-CRT dogwhistle?
  • GOP vs. PUBLIC EDUCATION: “… In Congress, Matt will support public school teachers — like his mother — who put children first.while embracing school choice and charter education, (Can’t do both, Matt. The GOP is using charter schools and school choice to destroy public education)and ensuring that schools teach children how to think, not what to think.” – oh, that was a little shout-out to those who see the GOP’s perverse definition of “Critical Race Theory” everywhere.
  • IMMIGRATION: Hmmm. Not a word about DACA recipients. Not a word about asylum seekers. (Listen…is that the wind?)
  • REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: Hey, Matt, this is only one of the most consequential issues of the year, and not a word? (We’re just going to mark him as a forced-birthers unless he gets brave enough to say differently.)
  • PUBLIC HEALTH: Not a word…COVID has killed over a million Americans, beating the 1918 Spanish Flu as our country’s most lethal pandemic by almost 400,000. We gotta assume he’s down with the “Nothing to see here” GOP agenda.
  • INFLATION: He repeats standard GOP dogma on how he’s going to solve inflation, a world-wide issue that he and fellow GOP members has zero control over. How amazing is that?
  • GOP’s WAR ON SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE: No, it’s not the wind…now it sounds like when you put a shell up to your ear.
  • REDUCE REGULATIONS”: Which ones is Matt thinking of? The recent court decision the ruled that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) can no longer protect consumers against predatory lenders? Those that make sure our food and water is safe? Equipment like cribs for kids won’t choke them? Environmental regulations so kids can grow up with clean air, water and food?
  • TRUMP/GOP: ELECTION DENIAL, VOTING RIGHTS, SEDITION, POSSIBLE TREASON, JAN. 6 COMMITTEE, CHEATING ON HOTEL BILLS, ETC, ETC: Silence. Disappointing for someone who says he earned “Prosecutor of the Year” and “True American Hero” from law enforcement agencies, to display literally zero backbone here.
  • Best response to all his commercials on how he is really going to DO SOMETHING!!! (See below…)
Los Angeles County Republican Party,
Kevin McCarthy (Legislative nightmare, Forced-birther, proud supporter of antisemitic and Christian nationalist Margorie Taylor GreeneNewt Gingrich (Forced-birther, Christian Nationalist)Asa Hutchinson
Governor of Arkansas, forced-birther,anti-LGBTQ
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Las Virgenes Unified School District Board Member

House of Representatives – CA-27

District CA-27 – Christy Smith (D)

  • Christy Smith
  • City of residence: Santa Clarita
  • Occupation: California assemblywoman
  • Funding: here
  • She is endorsed by our tribe – Indivisible and by the LA Times, who wrote this article comparing her to Mike Garcia.
  • Vote Smart Political Courage Test here
  • Endorsements: here
  • Website: here
CADEMdem. party of san fernando
California Young Democrats
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international warehouse-socal
Los Angeles Times
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(Indivisible Conejo) District CA-27 – Christy Smith (D) YES

Will the third time be the charm for Smith, as she tries to rescue her northern-L.A.-County district from the clutches of election-denying Republican Mike Garcia? The newly redrawn district is bluer than it used to be, but Garcia has incumbency going for him. If there’s an outside-Ventura-County campaign to support with your money and time, this is (once again) the one!

  • (LA Time) Christy Smith is a levelheaded centrist who wants to strengthen voting rights, make college and trade schools more affordable and carry legislation to put a social worker in every school that serves low-income children.
  • (Knock-LA) Republican Congressmember Mike Garcia is a Trump-backed conservative who voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election results. He is a co-sponser of the Life at Conception Act, which would ban abortion nationwide — even in California. He also opposes student debt relief and is supported by weapons manufacturers, fossil fuel interests, and one of the Koch brothers. Democratic challenger Christy Smith has already lost to Mike Garcia twice, and Knock LA was not thrilled to see her run again, as she has historically opposed single-payer healthcare and police decertification. However, this specific race could determine whether Republicans gain control of the US House and move to ban abortion nationwide. North LA County voters should send a clear message that anti-choice politicians have no place in LA.

District CA-27 – GOP opponent Mike Garcia

You can only use the “fighter pilot” analogy for so long, when you’re afraid to answer a question. GOP opponent Mike Garcia is one of three CA GOP congressmembers who now don’t answer questions about their forced-birther views that endanger women’s reproductive freedom and health care.

  • POLITICAL COURAGE…MAYBE NOT SO MUCH: Mike Garcia did not provide voters with positions on key issues covered by the 2022 Political Courage Test, despite repeated requests from Vote Smart and voters like you.” See this site for a listing of inferred positions from public record.
    • He signed an amicus brief asking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe and Casey.
    • He is a co-sponsor of the Life at Conception Act, the federal personhood bill that would ban all abortions and certain types of birth control such as IUDs, which he is now retreating on.
    • He has an A+ rating from the force-birth Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America Group
    • He voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act – which would codify Roe v. Wade.
    • He promotes the lie that reproductive justice advocate for killing live children.
  • TRUMP (I declassify with my mind) LOVES HIM. THINK ON THAT: (Knock-LA) “Republican Congressmember Mike Garcia is a Trump-backed conservative who voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election results. He is a co-sponser of the Life at Conception Act, which would ban abortion nationwide — even in California. He also opposes student debt relief and is supported by weapons manufacturers, fossil fuel interests, and one of the Koch brothers.”
  • ELECTION DENIAL/INFRASTRUCTURE: In a LA Times questionaire, his opponent Christy Smith also stated that in addition to his appalling reproductive justice record, he also voted against certifying two states’ electoral results in the 2020 presidential election and opposed the American Rescue Plan and Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.
  • SAFETY NET: Does not describe whether his demonization of “socialism” includes the continued existence of Social Security, Medicare or affordable health care, but he’s on the GOP study committee the wants to raise Social Security eligibility age, and he refuses to fully support Medicare. Likes to concentrate on inflation, which is a world-wide issue he has zero control over.
    • Voted against HR 1425 “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Enhancement Act” (votesmart.org)
    • Voted against HR 6833 “The Affordable Insulin Now Act” (votesmart.org)
    • More here.
  • GUNS:
  • District CA-27 – Age: 46
  • City of residence: Santa Clarita
  • Occupation: Member of Congress (incumbent), Former Navy Pilot
  • Education: US Naval Academy, Georgetown University
  • Funding: here
  • Complete list of endorsements: No endorsement page on his website, but he did publish his endorsement from Donald Trump
  • Website: https://www.electmikegarcia.com
  • Endorsements from other sites:
Los Angeles County Republican Party,Donald Trump
ex-president, alleged thief of federal records, alleged grifter of hotel room rates, alleged conspirer to election fraud…so mch more!
Susan B. Anthony List
AIPAC PAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)Combat Veterans for CongressHouse Conservatives Fund
National Defense PACNational Rifle Association (NRA)National Right to Life CommitteeRepublican Jewish Coalition

District CA-32 – Brad Sherman – Congressmember – (D)

  • Age: 67
  • City of residence: Sherman Oaks
  • Occupation: CPA/Incumbent Congress Member for CA-27
  • Education: UCLA, Harvard Law
  • Funding: here
  • Website here
  • Sample endorsements below. Complete list of endorsements 
CADEMGOOD clubNorth valley dem
Los Angeles dem. Party
dem. party of san fernandoCalifornia Young Democrats
equality CA
Planned parenthood
Fiona Ma
Henry Stern

District CA-32 Lucie Volotzky – (R)

Volotzky on Mike Lindell’s webcast discussing the conspiracy theory that Justin Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro: https://frankspeech.com/video/lucie-volotzky-candidate-ca-joins-and-discusses-trudeaus-oppression-canada

  • Age: ?
  • City of residence: Chatsworth
  • Occupation: Business Owner
  • Education: Certified, Residential-Elderly Administrator, CA Department of Social Services, Certified, Bar and Restaurant Service Clinic, Quebec Tourism Institute and Hotellerie, Attended, Chatelain Business Collège
  • Funding: here
  • Website: https://www.voteforlucie.com
  • Complete list of endorsements: https://www.voteforlucie.com/endorsements
  • Endorsements sampling below

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