Sunday 9/15: It’s going to be a busy week! Write a comment, write some postcards, come out for “Climate Strike” & “We the People” – 4 actions for Citizenry v.21.0!

Monday 9/16: Deadline to write a comment opposing this anti-American rule. Protect your family, friends and fellow citizens from taxpayer-funded zealotry. 

America has a long history of slip-sliding towards religious intolerance, but common sense, and our Constitution, has kept us away from that abyss, allowing us to become the most powerful country in the world. Now, the Trump Administration, pandering to their far-right supporters, wants to allow a vastly expandable group of government contractors to discriminate for “religious” reasons against our fellow taxpaying citizens, including our LGBTQ community, women and religious minorities, on what are essentially private matters that are NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.  

Monday, 11:59 pm EST, is the deadline to write your comment(s) to protect your family, friends and fellow Americans from the disease of taxpayer-funded religious discrimination in our work places. Read our posting on this issue here for more information and inspiration.

Comment here!

  • The proposed regulation is here.
  • Other people’s comments are here. Read for inspiration. Don’t copy. Identical comments and signatures on petitions will only count as (1) total comment.

Thursday 9/19 – It’s “THIRD THURSDAY!” again!

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Tues. 4/3 – Part 2 – Comment now on the BLM’s proposed “land use” plans, due 4/11 and 4/13.

The Valley of the Gods was included in Bears Ears but not in Shash Jáa. | Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management

You’re saying, “Hey, didn’t we just comment on this? Why are we having to comment AGAIN?” Let’s take a quick moment to review.

Native Americans spent years campaigning to protect Bears Ears, a distinctive site where Navajo believe their people rose from the earth. A coalition first tried congressional initiatives, which were blocked or ignored. They then appealed directly to Obama and then- Interior Secretary Sally Jewel, using the “Antiquities Act“. On December 28, 2016, President Obama designated 1.4 million acres containing ancient cliff dwellings and an estimated 100,000 archaeological sites as “Bears Ears National Monument”.

Grand Staircase/Escalante, designated as a national monument in 1996, is a 1.9 million acres area rich in unique rock formation scientific, ecological, and paleontological resources.

Unfortunately, all these treasures are sitting on top of the country’s largest coal deposits. And uranium. And oil.

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Tuesday 1/16 – 3 Quick Actions on a tight timeline…

Tuesday – Jan. 16th 

CLEAN POWER – Write a commenTODAY by 11:59 PM ET !

clean power

Photo: Myrabella / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0,
Save the Clean Power Plan – Deadline Jan. 16

The EPA intends to end the Clean Power Plan. First though, they will have to successfully repeal it, thereby deregulating power plants and slashing environmental protections. Post a comment protesting the EPA’s proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan before January Jan 16 2018, at 11:59 PM ET . Link to comment form.

Sample Written Script (try to mix it up a little):   I strongly oppose the revoking of the Clean Power Plan by the EPA. The Clean Power Plan, the centerpiece of recent climate change regulation, is intended to slash carbon emissions from power plants. It should not be repealed or replaced only strengthened. Climate change is not “fake news” it is the scientifically verified future of the planet. Ending the Clean Power Plan is a crime against that future. The role of the EPA is not to boost the economy of the fossil fuel industry; it is to protect the environment. Do your job.

ORGANIC FARMING – Write a comment!

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