Monday 2/5 – Standing Indivisible.

ACTION #1 – Stand up for our Servers! – DEADLINE TODAY, FEB. 5th!

The Department of Labor has proposed a rule making it legal for employers to take tips if they pay minimum wage. In a new report, 80% of the stolen tips, 4.6 billion annually would be taken from women and their families. Although proponents of this rule say that its for the benefit of back-of-house workers, owners do NOT have to share them with anyone else and can simply pocket them. Some already do.

Sample Written Script: I object to this tip rule (RIN: 1235-AA21). It’d go against decades of federal and state law and precedent, which has safeguarded tips as the property of the workers who receive them. If adopted, this regulation would force a vulnerable workforce further into poverty, economic instability, and vulnerability to harassment and assault. I urge the Department of Labor to withdraw this proposed rule (RIN: 1235-AA21).

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Last Day to Comment on Enbridge’s Line 5!

Help Prevent a Catastrophic Great Lakes Oil Spill!

Last June, the preliminary Line 5 Alternatives Study was released, and more than 23,000 people submitted their comment calling for the shutdown of Line 5 as the only alternative that will truly protect the Great Lakes from an oil spill. The revised and final Alternatives Study has just been released, which has triggered a second comment period that is now open.

If you’re not familiar with this issue, here’s an overview. Line 5 pipelines come in  from Canada and take a shortcut through Michigan and the Straits of Mackinac before crossing back into Canada near Port Huron. The Straits of Mackinac is one of the most ecologically sensitive areas in the world. The Great Lakes are home to 20 percent of the fresh surface water on the planet and  provides drinking water to thousands of people.

The deadline for public comments is TODAY, December 22, 2017, so please, join these supporters and sign on and submit your comment today via this online form. Let’s prevent a devastating oil spill in the Straits of Mackinac.


DEADLINE TODAY! Write. It takes less than 5 minutes to save the Tule Elk.

Take a moment to write a comment supporting the continued existence of the tule elk, a subspecies of elk that was decimated nearly to extinction.  (Californians need to call too. Script below.)

This is what we’re in danger of losing (This video is from 2009)…

A small protected population survives in California, and now livestock interests are pressing the National Park Service to kill them or severely restrict their movements (which has previously led to starvation) so that the relatively small amount of public land allotted to this native species can instead be used to graze their cattle. Speak up so that they can survive and remain free-roaming.

Write! It’s easy! Use this link to make your public comment TODAY NOV. 15TH.

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“…there is no safe level of coal-fired power plant pollution that is healthy to breathe.” Write! Deadline Today!

Energy Secretary Rick Perry gave the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) just 60 days to consider a radical proposal giving preferential treatment to coal power instead of non-polluting alternatives— despite higher costs for consumers and serious consequences for our health and climate.

Write! Deadline is Oct. 23rd! There are 0 days left to submit a public comment against this.

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US Homeland Security Will Start Collecting Social Media Info on All Immigrants October 18th. Just say “NO”!

We see this as part of a larger process of high-tech surveillance of immigrants and more and more people being subjected to social media screening,” Schwartz told BuzzFeed News. “There’s a growing trend at the Department of Homeland Security to be snooping on the social media of immigrants and foreigners and we think it’s an invasion of privacy and deters freedom of speech.” (Adam Schwartz, an attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation)

This would also affect all US citizens who communicate with immigrants, Schwartz said, who could self-censor out of fear that information they exchange with someone overseas could be misconstrued and used against them.

Action you can take: Click here to link to the Federal Register  to register a comment before the Oct. 18th deadline.

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LAST DAY to combat climate change deniers & fossil-fuel-industry shills trying to get on the EPA Science Advisory board! -9/28

You may think it doesn’t matter if climate deniers take over our scientific review committees.

“Under Pruitt, the agency has already removed a Web page devoted to climate change science that presented the scientific consensus view that it is largely caused by humans, and Pruitt has endorsed the idea of a “Red Team”/“Blue Team” exercise, in which a group of outside critics would interrogate the validity of mainstream scientific conclusions. The agency also has begun taking steps to roll back Obama-era climate regulations, while President Trump has proposed deep cuts to climate research.” (wapo)

You may think that no one in their right mind would write in to defend these people…so you can just relax…

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