LAST DAY to combat climate change deniers & fossil-fuel-industry shills trying to get on the EPA Science Advisory board! -9/28

You may think it doesn’t matter if climate deniers take over our scientific review committees.

“Under Pruitt, the agency has already removed a Web page devoted to climate change science that presented the scientific consensus view that it is largely caused by humans, and Pruitt has endorsed the idea of a “Red Team”/“Blue Team” exercise, in which a group of outside critics would interrogate the validity of mainstream scientific conclusions. The agency also has begun taking steps to roll back Obama-era climate regulations, while President Trump has proposed deep cuts to climate research.” (wapo)

You may think that no one in their right mind would write in to defend these people…so you can just relax…

This website has 20,180 subscribers who think all these horrible picks are great. It calls deniers of the majority of scientific studies “climate skeptics“. They will assuredly be writing in. And this site is just the tip of the crazy-and-melting iceberg…

For our original post, with short bios on all these cranks, click here.

Public comments should be submitted by email to Mr. Thomas Carpenter, Designated Federal Officer no later than September 28, 2017, at There’s no fancy docket page like other regulatory issues. Just be advised that public comments are subject to release under the Freedom of Information Act.

Comments don’t have to be long. It could be as simple as this…(Use your own words, you can copy the list of names)…

 We want our Science Advisory Board filled with scientists who are using the most accurate and up-to-date information to inform both the EPA and the President. Climate change deniers such as nominees Joseph S. D’Aleo, Edwin Berry, Alan Carlin, Kevin Dayaratna, Craig Idso, Paul Driessen, Gordon Fulks, Richard A. Keen, Anthony Lupo, Leighton Steward and David Legates, be they simply deluded like “flat-earthers” or funded and/or encouraged by the fossil fuel industry, have no place on this board.

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