What can you do to help RBG get her last wish? Send “Postcards to Hypocrites!”

Refresh GOP senators’ memories with their own words – on postcards!

(Share!: tinyurl.com/postcards-to-hypocrites) In the days leading up to her death, Ruth Bader Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.”

Let’s help! An amazing person compiled a collection of quotes from various GOP legislators that were used in 2016 to deny Merrick Garland a Supreme Court seat. Now, you can put them on postcards, with the addresses she’s gathered. It also helps the USPS, so it’s a two-fer! (Feel free to mix it up on the non-quoted sections of the message!)

Senator Lindsey Graham

God, this is like taking candy from a big ‘ol corrupt baby…

In 2016, you said:If an opening comes in the last year of President Trump’s term, and the primary process has started, we’ll wait to the next election.” Those are your words, sir. Keep your word. SCOTUS nomination hearings should not start until 2021.

Address: 290 Russell Senate Office Bldg.,Washington, DC, 20510

Senator Mike Lee

In 2016, you said: “We think that the American people need a chance to weigh in on this issue, on who will fill that seat. They’ll have that chance this November and they oughta have that chance.” So, it’s 2020, and the shoe still fits. Please don’t be a hypocrite: do the right thing by delaying SCOTUS nomination hearings until 2021.

Address: 361 A Russel Senate Office Bldg.,Washington, DC 20510

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Sat/Sun – 3/14-15: Activism in a time of solitude.

Our country may be on lockdown, but the resistance is flexible… 

We at Indivisible Ventura assessed our activity calendar to see what we could still accomplish during this quarantine period. The answer? A lot, just not the activities that require us to be in the same place. Keep calling your legislators, keep writing comments to the regulators, and participate in the peaceful democratic actions outlined below that connect us to writers, texters, callers and voters across America. 

  • We updated our “events” calendar here
  •  All activities located on college campuses have been cancelled until the quarantine is lifted. This includes all our voter registration and census education dates.
  • Both citizenship fairs this month have been cancelled. If you are a person or know a person needing immigration services, including citizenship forms, DACA and green card renewals, please contact our trusted partners for assistance:


Postcard Action #1 – UPDATE: The April 16th’s Postcard Party is CANCELLED – but that doesn’t mean 500 folks in Arizona won’t be getting hand-written postcards!


We will be putting together kits of cards, scripts and addresses for Arizona – We’ll be sending 500 postcards to voters along with a short script from Center For Common Ground’s Reclaim our Vote Campaign, who is working with the NAACP, Black Voters Matter, Mi Familia Vota, VoteRiders and DemLabs. These voters may have been dropped from voting rolls. This reminder postcard could save voters being turned away, a horrible experience, after waiting hours in line. The dignity of very single vote matters.

For those who have already attended our postcard parties, here’s what we need from you to get your kit:

  • Email us at indivisibleventura@gmail.com
  • Subject line: Mail me some postcards! (This is important – so we can quickly see your email)
  • Give us the following information: Your name, address and how many postcards, in batches of (10) ten, you want. If you also need stamps, let us know.

Postcard Action #2 – Write postcards for Christy Smith! Keep CA-25 blue!

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