Wed 2/13: Barr and Yemen. Time to call again.

Today, we’re re-visiting some older actions…Partial good news on Action #1.

Action #1 –  Is there a minimum quota of deaths for war crimes? Asking for a friend…

Before the Nazi death camps were revealed to the American public, there were sporatic public protests to legislators to help Jews in Germany.

Historians agree on factual explanations why most American protests against Nazism in 1933 died down within a few months…. Isolationism, economic concerns, racism, and antisemitism all led most Americans to focus on domestic problems rather than international ones. Reflecting the mood and situation of the country, State Department officers interpreted America’s restrictive immigration laws even more stringently, leaving the quotas far from filled. Nazi Germany owed American banks billions of dollars, and the Roosevelt administration was unwilling to issue a protest, in part because of the risk that Hitler would cancel his country’s debts. Nazi Germany was a sovereign nation, and most Americans did not consider intervention in Germany’s treatment of its own citizens the role of the United States.

We can, with our modern technology, now watch a country’s people being annihilated in real time. Nearly 76% of the population of Yemen is in need of humanitarian aid. Food. Clean water. Medical care and supplies. Men are dying. Women. Children. Babies. The immigration issue of 1933 – we now have a similar travel ban stopping Yemenis from coming here, dividing families. Those already here under TPS status are now on an 18 month countdown until they are thrown back into hell.

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Wed – 11/7: Well, that didn’t take long… get ready to rally tomorrow AND call your legislators!

Hmmm…a lame-duck government until Jan. 3, leaving our country without meaningful congressional oversight for the next 60 days and loud rumors from various sources that Donald Trump Jr. will be indicted before the end of the year by the Mueller investigation…

What could go wrong?

Action #1 – Call your legislators and demand that Matthew Whitaker recuse himself from the Mueller investigation.

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Wed. – 9/26: Make a wall…of phone calls!

Action #1 – Protect the Mueller investigation.

After our national fire drill on Monday, it’s clear that we need Congress to protect the Mueller investigation. That’s a big ask of a Congress that’s proven its fealty to the President, but it’s absolutely important to pressure your members of Congress on this point.

Minimal script for senators: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Senator [___]  to co-sponsor S. 2644 – Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act.

Check here for their status. Feinstein and Harris are NOT on it yet.

Minimal script for congresspeople: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Congressperson [___]  to co-sponsor H.R. 5476 – Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act. (or thank them if they are already signed on.)

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Fri. 5/18: Bookmark Wednesday 5/16!

(From the great people at the resistance site:  @TheLoyalO)

When it rains it pours!

Wednesday was an outrageously busy day in #TrumpRussia news
& revelations, so we did our best to summarize for you.

Each numbered item has two parts:
A) What happened?
B) Why is it important?

At the end, we remind you what YOU can do to help.

1A) The Senate Judiciary Committee released all transcripts/documents (some redactions) from its investigation into Russian interference and potential Trump campaign coordination.

1B) The release of 1000s of pages casts light on the Trump Tower mtg, including coordination of stories by attendees, inconsistencies in Don Jr’s testimony & hints of Trump’s knowledge of the mtg & involvement in the false story Don Jr. initially put out.

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