Wed 4/3: Yemen is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, and House GOP are playing games. Call now!

Quote from Washington Post article here. CNN here. BBC here.

Action – Ask our legislators to vote “NO” against any “motion to recommit” and vote “YES” on a clean H.R.Res.37.

1. Has Trump turned America into one never-ending civics class? Answer: “Yes.”

2. What the heck is a “motion to recommit” (MTR)?  Short answer: It’s a last chance for the minority party, in this case, the GOP, to stop or amend a bill before it’s voted on. Longer answer here.

3. Why the heck are we STILL IN YEMEN?

  • First, the House voted “YES” on H.J.Res.37 but the House GOP’s (“We be all about the babies!) thought it would be fun to add an MTR with completely unrelated anti-Semitism language to the bill, hoping to split up Democratic votes and possibly kill the resolution, along with more Yemeni babies. The Dems should have voted together to reject the GOP’s bad faith MTR, but instead, they mostly stuck together and voted the whole thing through.
  • However, the MTR was a problem for the Senate to pass without getting McConnell’s approval, so they stripped it out. Then, miracle of miracles, the Senate voted “YES” on a clean S.J.Res.7!
  • So now the House and Senate versions don’t match, thanks to the malicious GOP members who deliberately tried to kill this bill, so the House needs to re-vote on the clean version they should have had in the first place. Thanks, GOP, for playing games with kids’ lives!

Minimal Script for representatives: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Rep. [___] to vote in favor of the bipartisan resolution H.J.Res.37 to end U.S. involvement in the Saudi-led Yemen war, and to REJECT any “motion to recommit” when this bill moves to the floor.

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Wed – 2/27: Congress – take your power back now!

Quote from this great essay by Captain John Byron, U.S. Navy (Ret.)

Action: Block Trump’s Ability to Unilaterally Wage War in Venezuela, Iran and Yemen, and anywhere else…

In the nationwide daily Civics 101 class we now live in, it took the border wall debacle to remind Congress that they are in charge of the nation’s purse. It’s also time for them to take back their power of declaring war, both to halt our current 18-year run of continuous undeclared combat, and to stop Trump’s plans to distract us from Cohen and Mueller with new armed traumas against Venezuela, Iran and Yemen. Rep. Barbara Lee came so close in 2017 to stopping this runaway executive-branch war machine, only to have her legislation stripped from the Defense Department spending bill by now mercifully former-House Speaker Paul D. Ryan. Let’s help her out now.

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Wed 2/13: Barr and Yemen. Time to call again.

Today, we’re re-visiting some older actions…Partial good news on Action #1.

Action #1 –  Is there a minimum quota of deaths for war crimes? Asking for a friend…

Before the Nazi death camps were revealed to the American public, there were sporatic public protests to legislators to help Jews in Germany.

Historians agree on factual explanations why most American protests against Nazism in 1933 died down within a few months…. Isolationism, economic concerns, racism, and antisemitism all led most Americans to focus on domestic problems rather than international ones. Reflecting the mood and situation of the country, State Department officers interpreted America’s restrictive immigration laws even more stringently, leaving the quotas far from filled. Nazi Germany owed American banks billions of dollars, and the Roosevelt administration was unwilling to issue a protest, in part because of the risk that Hitler would cancel his country’s debts. Nazi Germany was a sovereign nation, and most Americans did not consider intervention in Germany’s treatment of its own citizens the role of the United States.

We can, with our modern technology, now watch a country’s people being annihilated in real time. Nearly 76% of the population of Yemen is in need of humanitarian aid. Food. Clean water. Medical care and supplies. Men are dying. Women. Children. Babies. The immigration issue of 1933 – we now have a similar travel ban stopping Yemenis from coming here, dividing families. Those already here under TPS status are now on an 18 month countdown until they are thrown back into hell.

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Wed. – 11/21: Tell Congress to do its damn job!

Action – Stop this road trip to infamy. Tell Congress to hold Saudi Arabia accountable. 

Checks and balances are meaningless if Congress doesn’t exercise them. They are supposed to be in charge of authorizing war, not the President, not foreign leaders, and not Boeing or Lockheed. The U.S. must pull back from unconditional support for Saudi Arabia, and the best way is for Congress to tell the Saudis (and  Trump) that the U.S. will no longer be complicit in Saudi crimes, including the starvation and disease decimating the population in Yemen. The sponsors of the House resolution recently tried to force a floor vote, but Paul Ryan and the House GOP blocked them. The Senate is expected to take a vote on their resolution soon after Thanksgiving. Continue reading “Wed. – 11/21: Tell Congress to do its damn job!”