Mon – 3/25: A medieval wall has medieval enemies. Explain how catapults and cannons work to your GOP legislators. Veto-override vote tomorrow (Tues).

They’re launching drugs not five feet from the wall, or 10 feet from the wall, where a transparent wall would help. They’re launching it 100 feet over the wall, 150 feet over the wall. No amount of transparency is going to help you in that context.” – Brandon Behlendorf , SUNY-Albany homeland security expert

UPDATE (3/16/19): Both the House and Senate overwhelmingly passed H.J. Res 46 , and Trump vetoed it. The House is scheduled to hold a veto override vote on Tuesday, March 26, which will require a 2/3rds majority to pass.

Action – We are watching you. We not interested in wasting money on this boondoggle.

Mitch has already starting musing on cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security at the same time the GOP wants to waste billions of dollars on a project that can be defeated with some pieces of timber and a heavy rock. Or a cannon. Or a shovel. For those who remember we’re in the 21st century, the first drug-smuggling drone was found in 2015.

Minimal Script. I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Rep./Sen. [___] to support an override of Trump’s veto of H.J. Resolution 46, the resolution to terminate Trump’s national emergency declaration. militarizing the border.

More script if you want it: I want the Congress[man/woman]/ Senator to know that in budget upcoming negotiations, we want four essential things: NO WALL FUNDING, NO taking border funding from any domestic or social safety net programs, NO cuts or blocks to legal immigration, refugee or asylum programs, and NO wasting our troop’s time, morale and readiness for real emergencies by marooning them at the border.

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Tues – 3/5: “The Wall – The Senate!” Season 2 – Call your legislators!

Action #1 – Got GOP senators? Tell them to stop being such big babies.

H.J. Res 46 –  the resolution to end Trump’s #FakeNationalEmergency, passed the House last week and it’s heading for a vote in the Senate. Mitch McConnell is now dealing with an explosion of defecting GOP senators, possibly 15, which puts it in striking range of a veto-proof majority and a huge and embarrassing defeat for the president. Many GOP senators are now swarming about, trying to subvert the intent of the House Resolution so that the president won’t give them a sad nickname.

I think people want to find a way to give the president all the money he asked for but yet discourage the use of emergency declarations,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas).

No, Senator, that’s not at all what people want. That’s what you nervous weasels want.

  • We want him to stop stealing American taxpayer dollars to prop up his reelection campaign by keeping ridiculous promises to people who believed Mexico would pay for a wall.
  • We want him to stop stealing American taxpayer dollars from HUD, DHS and the Army Corps of Engineers to pay for this medieval wall, which was revealed by the El Chapo trial to be completely useless.

Minimal script to a GOP senator: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Sen. [___] to know how disappointed I am in [his/her/their] willingness to let a president seize yet another power from Congress and to allow my tax dollars to be wasted on this wall.

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Stop the #FakeNationalEmergency! Presidents’ Day Protest Ventura

Share, share, share the Facebook page: – we need a HUGE turnout! This is a NATIONAL EVENT!

Join us on Presidents Day—Monday, 2/18 from noon to 1:30pm— on the corner of Victoria and Telephone in Ventura in front of the Government Center (800 S Victoria Ave, Ventura)

Bring your flags, signs, dress in red, white, and blue – and show what real patriots look like!

Donald Trump has declared a #FakeNationalEmergency—an illegal power grab from an unhinged man to push his racist, dangerous policies.

Let’s be clear: Trump is the real national emergency. In crisis moments like this—when a president abuses power so egregiously—how the citizenry responds in the immediate aftermath can shape the course of our country’s history. That’s why MoveOn members and allies are launching hundreds of events all across the country.

Together, we will say NO to Trump’s power grabs, NO to his racist border wall, NO to xenophobia, and NO to HATE.

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Monday #TrumpShutdown – 3 actions!

In 2013, Trump laid the blame for any government shutdown directly on the president. Hmmm… not so much now..

Brighten the President’s morning by leaving him a personal message!

In case you haven’t seen or heard this…

Call him or leave a written message! Here’s a starter script to get you going…

Good morning, President Trump!

You have an amazing opportunity to avoid being remembered in history books as the President who inflicted the greatest moral and economic wound of the 21st century by expelling nearly 800,000 productive people from America, the only home they’ve ever known.

It’s too late to change the history that DACA, CHIP, the Federally Qualified Health Centers and the Puerto Rico recovery effort were placed behind destroying our health care and personally enriching yourself with tax cuts when the clock ran out.

However, you can still do the right thing now. Be brave.

Call him on his comment line: 202-456-1111

If you can’t leave a message, write a message here:

 Tell the Democrats to be strong.

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