Mon 3/16: HUD is gutting fair-housing protections for profit. Comments due tonight 11:59pm EST.

Action: Comment now on HUD’s stepping back from their charge to “affirmatively further” fair housing.

This still happens…It will happen more often if this proposal is passed.

In the latest of the Trump administration’s attacks on fair housing, HUD has proposed a new rule that would effectively eliminate their basic mandate – “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” Act (AFFH), making housing discrimination easier and further entrenching housing segregation.”The administration’s new proposal ticks four boxes that are basic themes for our “Who profits?” Trump administration.

  1. We must search out and destroy any program Obama touched.
  2. We hate poor people other than as convenient scapegoats for all America’s ills we can’t hang on immigrants.
  3. We do not “see” the results of racism.
  4. With a little tweaking, we can make money meant for the poor flow upwards to the wealthy.”
  • Comment here by tonight (Monday 3/16, 11:59pm EST)
  • Proposal here.
  • Other comments for inspiration here. Do not copy!

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Keeping Safe in the Time of Coronavirus

  • mask headerMasks for front line health-care workers: Go here for their approved instructions and drop-off information. 
  • Masks for you and your family: Go here for “no-sew” and sewn options.
  • NEW GOWN BRIGADE: Sign in. Instructions here.
  • Volunteer!/Donate! Skills, services, resources, time…Other opportunities – to get help or serve –  here.
  • Safety first! – We gather the best resources for how-to keep healthy during a pandemic here.
  • Resources/recursos: Local, county, state, federal: info and contacts to get help are gathered together here. (English and Spanish)
  • Coronavirus/information/reports/tracking websites: here.
  • The mental game – keeping sane, calm and reasonably happy: here.
  • Activism in a time of solitude: click here.

Coronavirus Tips: We Love You and We Want You to be Safe!

If you haven’t yet visited Flatten the Curve – start here. Safety starts with not overwhelming our healthcare resources!

Mental health and wellness: 

  • How to maintain your wellbeing and calm: here.
  • 5 apps to help you cope: here.


STAY SAFE WHILE GROCERY SHOPPING: From googling to find our stores least busy hours, staying at least 6 feet away from other people,  to cleaning up before, during and after, there are many ways we can protect ourselves from the Coronavirus while shopping for groceries. Check out this Consumer Reports article for steps to staying safe while grocery shopping

HOW TO WASH OUR HANDS: The World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins Medical School show us the best hand-washing technique to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus. Watch and learn, and share with your networks:  

HOMEMADE HAND SANITIZER: The best way to clean our hands is with soap and water. But sometimes, soap and water is not available. If we can’t find hand sanitizer to buy, we can make it at home. Use the recipe reported here. 


While the bad news is that the Coronavirus can live on surfaces and packages, the good news is that it is fairly easy to kill with alcohol-based cleaners and diluted hydrogen peroxide.  MIT researchers tell us,  “In a February review of what’s already known about this type of virus, German researchers said that within a minute of cleaning a surface, a million viral particles can be reduced to 100, likely reducing the risk of infection.

Cell phones:  Our cell phones are germ carriersUse your phone speaker when we can and keep our phones clean too – click here and here.

Our homes and objects:

  • From Wired here.
  • From CDC here.
  • CDC-approved cleaning products here.

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Sat/Sun – 3/14-15: Activism in a time of solitude.

Our country may be on lockdown, but the resistance is flexible… 

We at Indivisible Ventura assessed our activity calendar to see what we could still accomplish during this quarentine period. The answer? A lot, just not the activities that require us to be in the same place. Keep calling your legislators, keep writing comments to the regulators, and participate in the peaceful democratic actions outlined below that connect us to writers, texters, callers and voters across America. 

  • We updated our “events” calendar here
  •  All activities located on college campuses have been cancelled until the quarentine is lifted. This includes all our voter registration and census education dates.
  • Both citizenship fairs this month have been cancelled. If you are a person or know a person needing immigration services, including citizenship forms, DACA and green card renewals, please contact our trusted partners for assistance:


Postcard Action #1 – UPDATE: The March 19th’s Postcard Party is CANCELLED – but that doesn’t mean 500 folks in Alabama won’t be getting hand-written postcards!


We will be putting together kits of cards, scripts and addresses for Butler County, Alabama – We’ll be sending 500 postcards to voters along with a short script from Center For Common Ground’s Reclaim our Vote Campaign, who is working with the NAACP, Black Voters Matter, Mi Familia Vota, VoteRiders and DemLabs. These voters may have been dropped from voting rolls. This reminder postcard could save voters being turned away, a horrible experience, after waiting hours in line. The dignity of very single vote matters.

For those who have already attended our postcard parties, here’s what we need from you to get your kit:

  • Email us at
  • Subject line: Mail me some postcards! (This is important – so we can quickly see your email)
  • Give us the following information: Your name, address and how many postcards, in batches of (10) ten, you want. If you also need stamps, let us know.

Postcard Action #2 – Write postcards for Christy Smith! Keep CA-25 blue!

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Thurs 3/12: Tell your senators to support H.R. 6201, which puts average Americans before billionaires.

Quote by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Answer: Yes it is…

Action : Call your senators and tell them “YES” on H.R.6201 (the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and “NO” to any add-ons.

One thing that is sure about this administration: Corruption follows incompetence.

Hot off the press, the House has produced HR 6201 to quickly get basic health and income protections into the hands of America workers. It hasn’t even passed the House yet, and GOP senators are already slow-walking it. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stated “it appears at this hour that the Speaker and House Democrats instead chose to produce an ideological wish list that was not tailored closely to the circumstances.” President Trump is sad because it doesn’t include his Social Security-busting scam of a payroll tax cut and bailouts for fossil fuel companies and Trump-owned properties.

HR 6201 (summary here) DOES include:

  • Free coronavirus testing for everyone who needs a test, including the uninsured;
  • Paid emergency leave with both 14 days of paid sick leave and up to three months of paid family and medical leave; (This is being fought by the US Chamber of Commerce. If you belong to a local branch, have a chat.)
  • Enhanced Unemployment Insurance, a first step that will extend protections to furloughed workers;
  • Strengthened food security initiatives, including SNAP, student meals, seniors nutrition and food banks;
  • Clear protections for frontline workers, including health care workers and other workers who are in contact with those who have been exposed or are responsible for cleaning at-risk places;
  • Increased federal funds for Medicaid, as states face increased costs.

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Wed. 3/11: #FlattenTheCurve – Apparently it’s all up to us!

We love that the wonderful volunteers who join us at voter registration tables, at census education events, at voter outreach efforts like postcard and letter writing, at citizenship fairs and at polling stations, become trusted messengers of factual information about civic matters for their friends and family. With that in mind, we’re sharing this report by Julie McMurry, MPH, an assistant professor of rare disease genetics at Oregon State University in the College of Public Health, because it covers every base we can think of. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Tues 3/10: A dirty fossil fuel facility could be coming to a site near you & there will be nothing you can do. Comment ON NEPA! Tonight, by 11:59 pm EST.

Also due tonight – Proposed rule to alter the Community Investment Act to favor banks over poor communities here.

Write a comment to protect our voice and our environment.

On the 50th anniversary of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), President Trump issued a shot across the bow proclamation that resolved to block “modernize” this fundamental environmental policy that allows us a voice in government decisions affecting our wildlife and our right to clean air and water. The proposed rule changes are a return to the dark days, when we stood by powerlessly while federal dollars funded the destruction of homes, and the natural environment, and destructive projects like highways sliced up communities, especially those of color. This proposal silences people, hides projects from review, denies the importance of climate change and allows polluters to write their own reviews (think “Boeing”).

  • Comment here.
  • Proposal here
  • Other comments for inspiration only here. It takes just a few seconds to see a bunch of form letters. IDENTICAL COMMENTS WILL BE PURGED! Reuse facts at will but please take a few minutes to find your own voice.

Deeper Dive

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Tues 3/10: While we’re distracted by Bernie/Biden, the “Community Reinvestment Act” is on the block. Comments due tonight.

Also due tonight – Proposed rule changes to destroy the community and environmental protections of NEPA here.

Action –  As with all things Trump, the question is “Who profits?” Deadline today, March 10,11:59 pm EST.

This is a short, but very informative video on why the Community Reinvestment Act is so important.

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 is an important protection for low-income and minority populations. Congress passed the CRA following the Civil Rights Movement to redress banks’ history of racist redlining. It forced these institutionsto increase bank activity in low- and moderate-income communities where there is significant need for credit, more responsible lending, greater access to banking services, and improvements to critical infrastructure.”

The CRA regulations aren’t working as perfectly as intended. Historically, 98% of banks pass their CRA examinations, while research and reporting continue to show how banks still disproportionately deny borrowers of color access to credit.

However, under the guise of modernization, the administration, through the OCC and the FDIC, have proposed changes that would weaken the CRA and make it even more difficult to enforce the provision of equal service, while redistributing more money and privilege to corporations and the wealthy.

It’s every bit as bad as we thought, and then some. The proposed changes would weaken the focus of bank activities on low and moderate income (LMI) communities, while increasing the number of assessments banks could fail while still passing CRA requirements.” says Jane Weisberg, senior campaign analyst at the Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development, a coalition of community groups across New York City.”

How to comment

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From now ’til November…What can we do?

Updated 3/15/2020

Action – The primary is over in CA and the November election is closing in fast. There’s lots to do. Join in!


Whether Bernie or Biden emerge victorious from the Democratic convention, we must be united in refusing Trump another term of unconstrained greed, lawlessness and corruption. So, besides asking your social media circles to take the Indivisible Pledge, and calling your legislators every day, what can we do? A lot. For us visual learners, here are three months of graphic calendars featuring our repeating events, with downloadable links, if you want to post one on your refrigerator. (For single events and events not hosted by us, keep checking the “Events” page. If your organization is having an event we should list, please email link to

march cancelled
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