What would Carmen do when faced with environmental injustice?

She fought it fiercely, but now it’s our turn. And you can do all these actions in your coffee break if you prep your phone – we show you how here.
Q: But why do I have to call my legislators? They’re all Democrats. Answer here.

  • Action #1 (State): Call your CA state senator TODAY and tell them to vote “NO” on SB 396.
  • Action #2 (State) : Call/email your CA state legislators to vote “YES” on the following environmental bills…
  • Action #3 (Federal): Fixing the “Inflation Reduction Act” – Can you say “sacrifice zone?”

Sierra Club Santa Barbara-Ventura Chapter: Tribute to Carmen Ramirez

In oil counties like SB and Ventura, where if we win it is with narrow 3-2 Supervisor votes, where oil companies spend $8 million on county initiatives (as they did in June in Ventura) and sue the county (as they are doing in both counties right now), it takes superstars like Carmen to set us on the clean energy path and not double down on increasingly carbon-intensive fossil fuel infrastructure. My hope is that we can step up our state game to lighten the load. Read more from members who have known and loved her on the following blog post here. (Tribute post here)

Katie Davis, Chapter Board Chair

Action #1 (State): Call your CA state senator TODAY and tell them to vote “NO” on SB 396.

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¡Viva Carmen Ramirez! – 3 actions to take in her name.

  • Action #1: Tell Governor Newsom to publicly support the Vision Act!
  • Action #2: Pass H.R. 1177/S.348 – U.S. Citizenship Act NOW!
  • Action #3: Carmen cared about families and children. Ask to pass H.R.2766/S.1375 – Families Belong Together Act in her name.

Last week, our much loved and respected Ventura County supervisor Carmen Ramirez tragically died in a traffic accident. She tirelessly spoke at every local event in support of environmental justice, homeless rights, abortion rights, immigration rights and the needs of the communities she served. Before becoming the first Latina in county history to become an elected supervisor, and the first Latina chairwoman of the board, Ramirez had been, for a time, the president of the Ventura County Bar Assn. and was later elected to the State Bar of California’s board of governors— now called the board of trustees. She also served as a longtime board member for the Center for Civic Education, a nonprofit that promotes the study and practice of democracy, and was appointed to the Commission on State Mandates by then-Gov. Jerry Brown in 2012.

She had so much more planned, and now it’s on us to carry it through.

Action #1: Tell Governor Newsom to publicly support the Vision Act!

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“IG” stands for “Inspector General” and should stand for a lot more.

What is an Inspector General (IG)? The Inspector General Act of 1978 created a system of overseers who work within, but independently of, federal agencies, to detect and prevent waste, fraud, and abuse. Inspectors General are to be selected “without regard to political affiliation and solely on the basis of integrity and demonstrated ability in accounting, auditing, financial and management analysis, law, public administration, or investigations.” Agencies are prohibited from interfering in IG investigations, and there is a dual reporting structure where an Inspector General reports to both the agency head and to Congress. The act has been updated three times to expand the number of statutory IGs and enhance their independence, transparency, and accountability. Then came Trump…

Action #1: Call the Department of Defense Inspector General’s hotline.

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#WelcomeWithDignity – Defend the Right to Seek Asylum

Deterrence is effective in inverse proportion to the desperation of the migrants. What we’re seeing is a much, much, much more desperate group of migrants coming to the border….if they truly believe that they will be killed, or their children will be murdered, it’s hard to deter against that.” (Theresa Cardinal Brown, Bipartisan Policy Center – “Will an Emergency Law Used to Keep Out Migrants Become Permanent?)

Although the CDC announced the end of Title 42 in spring of 2022 as “no longer necessary” to protect public health, a federal judge blocked ending the policy in May, revealing what should have been evident all along – Title 42 was never about COVID-19 or public health – it was always about border control.

Worried that the court’s block could fail, conservative lawmakers are attempting to override the CDC and public health experts by passing legislation that would continue Title 42 expulsions indefinitely. One example – S.4022, proposed by Idaho’s senators and Florida’s Rubio, states who took few precautions against COVID, would extend this inhumane policy until right after the 2024 presidential election.

Meanwhile, Title 42 continues to have devastating consequences for asylum seekers who have already faced grave harm – including death, abduction, torture, and rape, which disproportionately affect Black, Indigenous, and LGTBQ+ migrants. 

ACTION #1: Call all three of your federal legislators (both senators, & your representative!)

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Quick environmental justice action to reduce dangerous vehicle emissions – DEADLINE by 8:59 pm today! (7/2)

Tell the EPA: Grant California’s Full Waiver Authority for Vehicle Emissions.

Vehicles make up the largest share of emissions in the country. The EPA must allow California to set ambitious clean truck regulations to keep the nation on a path to achieving President Biden’s climate commitments.

Fifty years ago, the Clean Air Act gave California waiver authority to set its own emissions standards for cars and trucks. Since then, every Democratic presidential administration approved California’s waiver, helping reduce pollution and incentivize automakers to invest more in developing clean vehicles.

But now, the trucking industry is intervening to try to break the streak, suing the EPA to try to get the Biden administration to partially deny the waiver.

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A.G. Garland – Charge Trump with manslaughter!

(MSNBC) “Five people died in the Jan. 6 attack. Officer Brian Sicknick sustained a fatal stroke a day after rioters sprayed him with a chemical irritant. Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt was shot by police when she tried to climb through a window and enter the House chamber. A Georgia woman, Rosanne Boyland, was crushed by fellow rioters as they pushed their way against the police outside a Capitol door. Kevin Greeson, an Alabama man, died of a heart attack in a sea of Trump supporters on the sidewalk west of the building. Benjamin Philips of Pennsylvania died of a stroke during the assault on the Capitol.

These deaths were not just random events tied together by time and place. They died because our own president created a howling vortex of hatred and violence and then spent over three hours watching our democracy burn.

Send your message to Attorney General Garland here.

(Below is a sample. Use what you want, but try to get your own voice in.)

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The GOP’s forced-birth laws create an unfunded mandate on pregnant people and their families.

The same GOP legislators, whose Hyde Amendment removed abortion funding from low-income people, who balked at funding school lunches, or providing more inspectors to ensure safe baby formula and funding for low-income women during a horrific formula shortage, are now upset that we are laying the cruel and forseeable consequences of their states’ post-Roe legislation – pregnant children, forced stillbirths, and medical bankruptcies – at their feet. Abortion restrictions in their states have already cost the U.S. more than $100 billion, even before the SCOTUS decision, and Kaiser estimates that taxpayers will be subsidizing forced births in Red states through Medicaid to about 1.3 billion dollars a year.

So now we’re going to lay on the GOP the direct financial burden their religious-extremist forced-birth and anti-already-born policies will impose on average people.

Write to your legislators!

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Get the GOP out of our bedrooms! Flood legislators with calls for “Respect for Marriage Act” and the “Right to Contraception Act.” (Updated 7/21/22)

The House passed the “Respect for Marriage” Act on Tuesday and just passed the “Right to Contraception” Act.

  • UPDATE: PASSED HOUSE, 267-157, with only 47 GOP joining in! H.R.8404 – Respect for Marriage Act, which would require that someone be considered married in any state as long as the marriage was valid in the state where it was performed. The bill would also repeal the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, which defined marriage as the union of one man and one woman and allowed states to not recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. That law has remained on the books despite being declared unconstitutional by the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling. The bill also protects interracial marriages. (Brownley and Carbajal are both cosponsors)
  • UPDATE: PASSED HOUSE with only 8 GOP votes: H.R.8373 – Right to Contraception Act, which would “protect a person’s ability to access contraceptives and to engage in contraception, and to protect a health care provider’s ability to provide contraceptives, contraception, and information related to contraception.” (Carbajal is a cosponsor, Brownley isn’t yet.)
    • Upon passage, Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., said the bill violates “religious rights” and called it a bill by Democrats who invoke “states that they cannot name banning contraceptives.”‘
    • UPDATE: “Sen. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa)…said she feels “pretty strongly about making sure women have contraception.” But she was noncommittal about voting for federal protections for contraception, saying it perhaps should be up to the states. “I don’t think states will go that far,” she added.” Hahahahaha!

Action: Make ALL your legislators go on record in support of the freedom to marry and to control one’s own reproductive life.

The big fight will occur in the Senate, so make sure your relatives in RED states flood their legislators’ offices with calls too.

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Never underestimate the power of art – A literal moving testimony to the slaughter of our kids.

Quote by David Barnhart, Methodist Pastor

A fleet of 52 yellow school buses formed a mile-long procession to Sen. Ted Cruz’s house in Houston last Thursday morning — 4,368 empty seats to honor the number of children killed by gun violence since 2020.

The procession, dubbed the ‘NRA Children’s Museum,’ was set up by artist Manuel Oliver whose son, Joaquin, was shot and killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre in Parkland, Florida in 2018.

“It’s partially with the intention that some people will think this is truly an NRA museum,” Oliver told BuzzFeed News. The first bus carried items from school shooting victims and the top of every bus also lists the city and date of the site of mass shootings that took place in America since 2020.

Action #1 – Invite kids you know to get involved in the “Yellow Bus Project”

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