The CA Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is trying to burn down solar.

Quote here.

Action #1: Stop them!

Just as the Biden Administration is working to catch up to CA’s ambitious climate plan, our own California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), wants to slam the brakes and impose the harshest penalty fees on solar users of any state.

They moan that the solar panel owners are forcing others to pay more than $200 a year in additional costs to maintain the network. Their answer to solving this issue? Helping EVERYBODY get access to solar panels?

Hahahahahaha, no!

Their solution is to make solar users pay an average of $57 per month, nearly $700 per year, taking solar energy out of reach of the low-income consumers they pretend to care about. Meanwhile, no one’s utility bills will go down, we’ll be left more vulnerable to climate-change power interruptions and pollution, the solar industry will implode AND utility interests will make a huge profit! Business as usual for an agency repeatedly accused of corruption and mismanagement. Here’s how we fight back!

The CPUC’s proposal is a near-carbon copy of what PG&E and the other utilities have pushed for months. If Gov. Newsom doesn’t step in, these changes will be finalized by January 27th and go into effect this spring. More details are below.

ASK #1: Please call Governor Newsom’s office today (9 am – 5 pm weekdays). Even if you already made a call, do it again and get your friends to phone tree this baby. We need to flood his office with calls this week.

Sample script: My name is ___ and I live in ____. I am against the proposed Solar Penalty Fee and I’m against slashing the value of rooftop solar 80%! Nobody should pay a penalty for putting solar panels on their roof and our climate-change driven fires, blackouts and pollution show that California should be doing more, not less, to promote rooftop solar. Say no to the utilities’ profit grab, and yes to actively assisting millions of our working and middle class residents to access solar technology for their homes.

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Advent calendar for democracy – Demand that the Senate include the “Billionaires Income Tax” in the Build Back Better Act.

This is from 2014, but the points are still accurate.

Action – Call/email your legislators every day! Today’s pick is the “Billionaires Income Tax.

MInimal script: I’m calling from [zip code]. First, I want Sen. [___] to delay any holiday recess until they pass legislation essential for our continued democracy: the Freedom to Vote Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA). I also expect [him/her] to carve up the filibuster for these foundational bills, just as the Senate somehow managed to do for the debt ceiling.

Then I want the senator to pass the Build Back Better Act, including a true building block of a healthy and just economy, the “Billionaires Income Tax. That this tax can raise $557 billion in 10 years from only 700 people, demonstrates a level of wealth inequality not seen since the Gilded Age of robber barons. According to the UN, this issue is destabilizing democratic societies around the world, ours included, stagnating wages, eroding trust and paving the way for authoritarion and nativist regimes. Their time-tested solution is what we’re asking Sen. [___] to do – increase social safety nets, protect workers’ rights, and actively redistribute extreme wealth for a more stable and just society for all.

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A message from Ventura County on gun violence

Action #1: Share this important message from Susan Schmidt-Orfanos.

“Most of you don’t know me. Our son Telemachus Orfanos, was murdered in the Borderline mass shooting on Nov. 7, 2018. Our lives were and continue to be shattered. The pain, the anguish and the rage are often uncontrollable. My family continues to work with a number of gun safety organizations to find ways to finally end gun violence. So that no more families experience this horror.

We need your help.

On December 2, devastated by the school shooting in Michigan, Manuel Oliver, who lost his son Joaquin at the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida flew to Washington D.C. to demand a meeting with President Biden in order to urge him to prioritize gun violence reduction. (UPDATE: Message from Manuel at the bottom of this post)

Manny is not leaving. Then-candidate Biden promised all gun violence survivors he would use all his powers to mitigate gun violence. We are all still waiting.”

Contact the White House: 202-456-1111 || 202-456-1414.,

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code][state] to ask President Biden to meet with Manuel Oliver, whose son, Joaquin, was killed in the 2018 mass shooting in Parkland Florida. He’s flown to Washington D.C. to personally ask the president to pledge that he’ll announce a plan of action for reducing gun violence at his State of the Union address.

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Trump left behind a ticking health care bomb that will allow Wall Street to destroy Medicare. Most legislators have no idea this is coming.

  • Action #1: Sign a petition to HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra that asks him to exercise his power to end this dangerous program.
  • UPDATE: Action #2: Call your representative to also support H.R.3. – the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drug Costs Now Act and to thank-or-spank them about Rep. Jayapal’s letter to HHS Sec. Becerra.
  • Action #3: Change starts at home – In the meantime, we need to move forward with AB1400, Medicare for All in California.

However, Rep. Katie Porter is sounding the alarm!

In May of 2021, four members of the U.S. House of Representatives (Reps. Mark Pocan, Bill Pascrell, Jr., Lloyd Doggett, and Katie Porter) sent a letter to Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra expressing concern about Medicare Direct Contracting, and calling for an immediate freeze of the program.

We need to educate Congress — and soon.

During the final days of the Trump Administration, while our president was handing out get-out-of-jail-free cards to Medicare fraudsters, officials at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) launched a dangerous and insidious pilot program known as Medicare Direct Contracting.

Seriously, you know what would be a real innovation? MEDICARE FOR ALL! No more multi-million dollar corporate salaries. No more “up-coding” for maximum profits. Cost savings from the massive buying power of the federal government. Medical ACCESS for all would actually save us about $450 BILLION dollars a year.

Instead, Trump’s CMMI came up with this scam…a privatization scheme which would automatically enroll more than 30 million seniors who’d deliberately chosen traditional Medicare into for-profit “Direct Contracting Entities,” (DCEs) instead, without their full knowledge or consent.

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Senate: Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act Now!

(Source on birth injuries, permanent disability and mortality)

  • Action #1: Tell your senator to pass S.1975 – Women’s Health Protection Act NOW!
  • Action #2: Demand that SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett and other Catholic justices “recuse” themselves on abortion cases.
  • Action #3: Share information on how to find abortion pills, how to use them safely and to make the information common knowledge.

Action #1: Tell your senator to pass S.1975 – Women’s Health Protection Act NOW!

(This action is based on both CA senators having already cosponsored this bill.)

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] to thank Senator [___] for supporting S.1975Women’s Health Protection Act and to ask that [he/she] carve out the filibuster to protect the 65 million women who will immediately lose access to complete reproductive health care if Roe v. Wade falls. I also want the senator to demand that the Senate Judiciary Committee look into the omission of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to recuse herself from Dobbs v. Jackson on the basis of her own 1998 law review article where she stated that she’d be unable to rule objectively on death penalty or abortion cases due to her religious convictions.


Action #2: Demand that SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett and other Catholic justices “recuse” themselves on abortion cases.

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Why are we taking so long to deal with these two?

Stop the normalization of blatant lies and anti-Muslim rhetoric by radicalized legislators.

  • Action #1: Flood House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s phone lines
  • Action #2: Email/Call your legislators and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to censure Reps. Boebert and Greene.
  • Action #3: Email Parag Agrawal of Twitter.
  • NEWAction #4: Tell your senators to pass H.R.5665 – Combating International Islamophobia.

Update: More than 400 Hill staffers demand House leaders act after Boebert’s anti-Muslim remarks

Why is this taking so long? We’ve seen the damage that Trump’s toxic rhetoric has caused. We rushed in to tell Congress that Gosar’s taxpayer-funded snuff film featuring AOC and President Biden wasn’t acceptable.

Now we need to stand behind Rep. Omar (D-MN) who is the target of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s repeated racist and anti-Muslim lies. Boebert, a serial liar and possesor of a surprisingly long rap sheet, joins Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in the bloodsport of smearing progressive lawmakers of color with derogatory and dangerously inflammatory terms like “Jihad squad” and “terrorist.”

What Boebert and Greene are doing is the essence of stochastic terrorism the use of mass communications to stir up random lone wolves to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable.” The stochastic terrorist may deliberately incite violence or simply be indifferent to its possibility. In either case, the danger posed is very real, if somewhat intangible (until it is too late).”

Psychologist Valerie Tarico provides a succinct formula for stochastic terrorism, a pattern we are already well acquainted with by having a practitioner as our last president:

  • Demonization – a figure with a platform targets a person or group to be blamed for real or imagined ills.
  • Dehumanization – with repetition of the demonisation, the target loses their personhood in the eyes of the audience, becoming a monster or symbol of evil and depravity.
  • Desensitization – violent language and imagery is used in discussion of the target, and while no direct calls to use violence are issued, violent speech becomes an accepted part of the discourse.
  • Denial – when violence occurs, the stochastic terrorist denies any responsibility, pointing to their lack of direct involvement or instruction.

(Watch the video at the bottom for an example of how the rhetoric of Trump and his right-wing media pets created a terrifying reality for a temporary election worker in Georgia.)

Action #1: Flood House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s phone lines.

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+150 political scientists sent a warning to Congress…

(Statement in Support of the Freedom to Vote Act)

  • Action #1: Call your senators!
  • Action #2: Write Feinstein an email/letter. Pile it on!

Action #1: Call your senators.

Minimal script for SEN. FEINSTEIN (not a cosponsor):

I’m calling from [zip code] to ask Sen. [___] to cancel any holiday recess plans in order to push through both S.4 – the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act” and S.2747 – the “Freedom to Vote Act,” nationwide minimum standards to protect the rights of voters and to strengthen our democracy while we still have one. We’ve read that she may now be willing to support bypassing the filibuster rule to enact these bills. Please convey to the senator that her active and enthusiastic cooperation with such an effort is the basic minimum or we will be ASKING FOR HER RESIGNATION.

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11/23 – Continuing actions this week!

Update! We, along with 68 other CA groups, made the national news!

(theHill)A coalition of nearly 70 California progressive grassroots groups urged Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) either to call for the “swift passage” of both the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act by the end of this month or to resign. (Letter attached at the bottom of this post.)

  • Action #1: Dear Senator Feinstein, it’s time to drop the filibuster for the “Freedom to Vote Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act.” And postpone your holiday until AFTER the BBB Act is passed.
  • Action #2: Dear Governor Newsom, We need you to step up for solar…
  • Action #3: Write a comment to protect DACA recipientsDEADLINE November 29 at 11:59 pm EST

We’ve just had another infuriating episode of #WhiteTearsWin. Kyle “Property over People” Rittenhouse walked away with 2 dead and one permanently damaged body in his wake, along with what Anthony Huber’s parents stated is “the unacceptable message that armed civilians can show up in any town, incite violence, and then use the danger they have created to justify shooting people in the street.” Hopefully his victims’ families will be able to sue him for damages in a civil trial, but that’s cold comfort. If an action comes from this, we will bring it forward.

Meanwhile, we need to take a moment to focus on some wins (see our header above), and the work we need to do next. Some of these you can do during business hours today or Monday, and all have an component you can do this weekend.

Action #1: Dear Senator Feinstein, it’s time to drop the filibuster for the “Freedom to Vote Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act.” And postpone your holiday until AFTER the BBB Act is passed.

We know from early on in our Indivisible movement that Feinstein will move if enough people flood her office with comments. (Yes, she was ready to rubber-stamp that horrid Jeff Sessions as Attorney General before we’all found out.) So make her phones ring in every office, it really only takes minutes to contact them all and say the short phone script. (Program your phone to save time! “MOC” = “Member of Congress”) Then fill up her email box over the weekend and make ourselves HEARD!

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Dear Senator Feinstein…

(Note: Thanks to all those who came out for the picture. Special callout to the awesome squad from Santa Barbara!)
  • Action #1: Write Feinstein an email/letter
  • Action #2: H.R.4064/S.2155 – Prevent Election Subversion Act – Protect Election Workers from harrassment and intimidation.
  • Action #3: Call your senators.
  • Action #4: Call the White House
  • Action #5: Email Joe.

Originally tweeted by Scott Dworkin (@funder) on November 16, 2021.

Action #1: Write Feinstein an email/letter

Sample email/letter: You are welcome to use as much or little as you want. Speak from your heart. There’s a lot of good material here too. (Other senators to worry about: Manchin (WV), Sinema (AZ), Jon Tester (MT), Coons (DE), Carper (DE), King (MN) Hassan (NH), Cardin (MD))

Dear Senator Feinstein,

[We gathered last Saturday at our county government center/I’ve called you/I’ve written you] to ask you to be brave. To publicly state that you’ll carve up the filibuster to enable the “Freedom to Vote Act.” To state that you’re willing to overthrow decorum of long practice for the far more urgent need of democracy itself.

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Three quick environmental actions you can do this weekend!

  • Action #1: California residents – Send in a comment to Newsom to tell him we agree with his draft resolution on drilling!
  • Action #2: Sign a petition/send an email to Gov. Newsom to protect rooftop solar.
  • Action #3: Comment on super-emitter SoCalGas facility near EP Foster Elementary in W. Ventura. DEADLINE: Monday, November 15

Action #1: California residents – Send in a comment to Newsom to tell him we agree with his draft resolution on drilling!

( Right now, more than 2 Million Californians are living and breathing the toxic health impacts of oil and gas drilling sites in their neighborhoods. An end to chronic asthma and cancer in our neighborhoods is in sight. Just last month, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a draft regulation to stop new drilling within 3,200 feet of homes, hospitals, schools, and other sensitive receptors.

Now, a 60 day comment period allows the public to raise our voices to to be heard over the thundering voice of Big Oil familiar to us in Ventura County!

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