Mon. 1/13: Mark your calendar! The Ventura County Healthcare Forum is Feb. 1st!

Physicians for Progress is organizing an public informational forum on single-payer healthcare, with an experienced panel of speakers/physicians.

  • Who: Physicians for Progress – Ventura County is a chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP)
  • When: Saturday Feb. 1st 3:00- 5:00 PM 
  • Where: Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura, 5654 Ralston Street

Why is this so urgent now? Here’s a selection of issues that affect every person living in America.

  • Profit over people: A veteran had his prosthetic legs repossessed by a private company. The former UN Secretary denounced our healthcare system as “politically and morally wrong.
  • Young people: Young adults who’ve aged off their parents’ plans are dying trying to stretch out expensive insulin supplies.
  • Children: 400,000 children have been dropped from Medicaid under this administration. Poor healthcare in childhood could have ramifications throughout their lives.
  • Medical bill “bake sales”: A third of GoFundMe campaigns are for medical bills, and that 25% are to aid under-insured patients. Begging strangers for help to pay medical bills does not happen in other first world countries.
  • Corporations are cutting back: Even big companies, like FedEx and Amazon, are paring back health benefits to their workers and restricting out-of-network coverage. Many are now steering employees towards telehealth options and in-plan provider networks.
  • “Choice” is a myth: The healthcare industry pays millions to gaslight Americans  into supporting the private insurance model. Read the whole thread here.

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Thurs 1/9: “Hold on, Madam Speaker!” And don’t miss the anti-war rallies tonight!

Action #1 – Go to your “NO WAR” rally tonight! There are over 365 of them across America! 


Action #2 – Trump can use”emergency powers” to stop impeachment. His action of war against Iran is a warning.

Read yesterday’s post about the terrifying powers our immoral president can use “in case of emergency.” This is no mere “wag-the-dog” comedy. Make the calls to your legislators supporting all anti-war bills now.

Action #3 – Don’t send the articles to the Senate Chipper-Shredder of Oblivion yet! 

Our more antsy legislators want to put up a white flag to McConnell and hand the articles of impeachment over to a rigged “trial” and certain dismissal or acquittal. (See Sen. Schumer’s statement here about McConnell’s misleading claims of similarity to the Clinton impeachment) There’s no hurry other than handing Trump a win before his Feb. 4th SOTU address. Our country deserves better. New developments will lead to additional charges and those involved need to speak on the record, using Congress’ power of inherent contempt if necessary, and be questioned by people who care about the answers. That means that the House has more work to do. Don’t let everything done so far evaporate in McConnell’s hands. This impeachment is worth a war to Trump. It’s worth a wait.

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Mon – 1/6: Trump choosing war, right now, is not a coincidence. It’s his next logical step. Iran is not the only country in trouble. Call your legislators now!

In the first 48 hours after this attack, what did we hear? Well, we heard it was for an imminent attack. Then we heard, no, no, it was to prevent any kind of future attack. Then we heard from the vice president himself, no, it was related to 9/11. And then we heard from press reports of people in the intelligence community saying that the threat was overblown. Elizabeth Warren.

Our wars start with lies. This one is no exception. 


This is not hyberbole. It’s part of a dark alchemy that those in power use – to transform the base metal of fear into hate, hate into “patriotism”,”patriotism” into war, war into money, and at the end… into gold –  a small star to mark the sacrifice of a son or a daughter, a husband or a wife.

2003’s version: Colin Powell now calls his lie something that will “always be a part of my record” when he deliberately fabricated “evidence” of “weapons of mass destruction” (WMD) and ignored repeated warnings that what he was saying was false. As of June 2016, his lie has caused the deaths of 4,424 soldiers and 31,952 wounded in action (WIA)  and the extinction of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians.

2020 version: After a number of literally false starts, Mike Pence is having his own Colin Powell moment, trying to link Iran to Al Queda and 9/11, to justify both the assassination of General Suleimani, (there’s no connection, according to actual experts) and to legally engage in war. Because if they can make us believe their story, the administration can use the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), to “use all necessary and appropriate force…”. Iran has already responded by completely pulling out of the nuclear deal and Trump just threatened Iraq for disinviting our 6000 troops.

How to fight back? Read this excellent article by called “How to avoid swallowing war propaganda” and share it widely. It will help us all cut through bad arguments, Hitlerized enemies, euphemisms, rabbit holes like Jessica Lynch and Pat Tillman, and let us see murder for what it is. And with Trump is charge, that it could be something more.

Trump is going all in with lethal force because he’s playing for keeps. And he’s not focusing on countries far away.

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No War With Iran Ventura County – Join the Across-the-Nation Rally on Thursday (Jan 9th)

When: 5:00 pm on Thursday, January 9th
Where: Corner of Victoria and Telephone in front of the Ventura Country Government Center. 800 S. Victoria Ave, Ventura
Bring: A flashlight to light the night! Bring American, peace and impeach flags, signs, friends and your unbridled enthusiasm! Bring cookies or snacks if you got ’em. We will have a voter registration table, music, and a special surprise!
RSVP: On the Facebook event page  (share, share, share! Use the share–invite friends feature)
More info and stay up to date: Visit or the Facebook event page

We will not be forced into another war so a corrupt president can wag-the-dog away from his impeachment or increase his election chances. The bodies of our soldiers are not GOP party favors.

Across our Nation, the anti-war majority in this country will get visible to oppose Trump’s war and say #NoWarWithIran.

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Tues – 1/7: Here are the MLK Jr. Celebration Choir rehearsal dates! Make a joyful noise for peace and community.

Quote/graphic from AZ Quotes

Singers and musicians from the public are welcome to join in! Starts TONIGHT!

MLK poster

Print out and share this flyer here. Contact Dr. Angela Timmons or Dr. Iva Jeffreys for additional information. There is no requirement to go to all of the rehearsals.

“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war.” Come “Dream” Believe, and Act” together on Jan. 20th!

“The problem of racism, the problem of economic exploitation, and the problem of war are all tied together. These are the triple evils that are interrelated.”

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Mon 1/6: Trump is willing to start a war to stop his impeachment. The GOP is willing to sell their souls. Are you willing to call your legislators?

Since his impeachment, new information and possible new crimes, have come to light.

Two articles of impeachment were just not enough to contain our president. According to new reports in both Politico and justsecurity, he appears to have personally blocked Congressional-approved funding for Ukraine and then miraculously released it the day after Rep. Adam Schiff demanded to see the whistle-blower complaint. Until then, he and his administration ignored the Pentagon’s warnings of violating the Impoundment Control Act, causing $35.2 million of Ukraine’s funding to lapse and needing new congressional legislation to restore it. His actions could be a violation of a 1974 law created after President Richard Nixon refused to release funds approved by Congress…and a brand new article for his impeachment. (A timeline of this multi-player, slow-walking shakedown of a foreign country, including Trump’s long chat with Putin (May 3, 2019) here.) (20 emails on Ukraine aid still being withheld)

Action: It’s time to thank Nancy Pelosi and ask her to hold on.

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Fri 1/3: Did our president just start a war to win an election or to distract from his impeachment?

Action – That Americans will die because at least one of these is true is a tragedy.  Call your legislators. Take away his power to start war.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code]. I understand that although Gen. Soleimani was an enemy of the US, killing the second most powerful man in Iran is equal to Iran assassinating Generals Petraeus and Mattis, the head of Special Operations Command, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. I have a question and a demand. Trump authorized this assassination without Congressional authorization, consultation with the “Gang of 8” or with our allies.

QUESTION: What was Trump’s legal justification for this action and its apparent violation of Executive Order 12,333? What is his justification for violating international law by basing the attack in Iraq without that government’s consent?

DEMAND: Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA-13) has been fighting against presidents’ unlimited use military force since 2001. It is time for you to join her and stop to this lawlessness with legislation NOW by approving  H.R.1274 – Repeal of the Authorization for Use of Military Force (which repeals Public Law 107-40. –‘Authorization for Use of Military Force’’). (For senators, demand that they introduce legislation matching Rep. Barbara Lee’s H.R.1274For GOP senators, remind them that impeachment is becoming more urgent, not less.)  (Read about Rep. Lee’s fight here. Her current statement is here.) Continue reading “Fri 1/3: Did our president just start a war to win an election or to distract from his impeachment?”

Thurs 1/2: Adventures in Democracy – Adopt-a-poll for the March 3rd Election!

Join us as volunteers at our polling place! 

“We the People”: What we now know is how essential the private citizen is in keeping the lights on in this democratic experiment we call America. Although state governments are in charge of elections…organizing, facilitating and sometimes suppressing them, the person handing you your ballot is usually a regular citizen, just like you.

In fact… why NOT you? Our county pioneered the “Adopt-a-Poll” program in 1996, with 23 organizations participating. Today there are more than 64 organizations participating in our county’s elections process. Indivisible Ventura will be running a polling place with three precincts and we need volunteers. Unlike regular poll workers, Adopt-a-poll volunteers don’t get paid. The payment becomes a fundraiser for Indivisible Ventura, which helps underwrite printing and stamps for our postcard/pizza parties and costs for our citizenship fairs. However, there are some great advantages:

  • An “Adopt-a-Poll” volunteer can sign up for short shifts, instead of the standard  6:00am-9:30pm shift required of a regular poll worker.
  • Become your social circle’s expert on voting in California. Volunteers participate in one 3-hour training course, offered at different times all over the County. (schedule)
  • Have a great experience helping people at the polls with our wonderful group of volunteers. Our impromptu potluck buffet is awesome! Registered CA voters, legal permanent residents, and high school students (who meet the student requirements listed below) are all welcome to be poll workers.
  • Note to past volunteers – the dreaded “Edge” is dead!!!

Here’s how to become a part of an amazing democratic tradition!

Send the following information to by Wednesday, Jan. 15th:

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Wed. 1/1: Welcome to the starting line.

Your New Year’s Resolution:  Join us in do-it-ourselves democracy!

We want 2020 to be the last we see of our openly corrupt and lawless president and his ethically-challenged GOP lapdogs. Whether Trump is banished permanently to his golf courses early through impeachment or through the 2020 elections, we now know that nothing happens without effort and pressure from our side. The resistance is ready.

America is a progressive country. The majority of our citizens, from both major parties, want fair and safe elections, more gun control, increased abortion access, universal health coverage, maternity leave, funding for childcare, higher minimum wages, tuition-free college, higher taxes on the wealthy, protection of public lands, regulations to keep our air and water clean and positive actions to stop climate change and gerrymandering. A majority also support DACA recipients and oppose the border wall and the administration’s heinous family separation policy.

However, more than 275 bipartisan bills that address our concerns have been blocked by one man, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who is concentrating instead on pushing through unqualified and extremist judicial appointments to serve corporations, oligarchs and theocrats. Just as wealth disparities have grown to a level not seen since the 1920′s, so has the chasm widened between the legislative and social justice that most Americans want, and the interests of those currently in power. Continue reading “Wed. 1/1: Welcome to the starting line.”

Mon -12/30: Write against the insane increase of immigration fees. Deadline tonight 11:59 pm EST!

Quote by Doug Rand, a founder of Boundless Immigration, a technology company in Seattle that helps immigrants obtain green cards and citizenship.

( In its latest attack on immigrants, on November 14, 2019, the Department of Homeland Security published a proposed rule increasing the filing fees on many immigration applications, eliminating most fee waivers, and transferring over $207 million to ICE. This include:

  • forcing asylum seekers to pay application processing fees of $50 and $490 for work permits, making the U.S. one of only 4 countries to charge people for asylum. (Iran, Fiji, and Australia)
  • steep increases in fees for:
    • work permits,
    • citizenship applications ($725 to $1,170 = 65% increase),
    • DACA – young undocumented immigrants hoping to renew protections from deportation ($495 to $765, every two years)
    • crime victims who seek to stay in the country through their assistance to law enforcement
    • green card status renewals.
  • elimination of fee waivers for financial hardships that has kept naturalization, green card renewals, and other benefits accessible.
  • although not related to current immigrant struggles, the proposed rule also proposes steep increases in fees for historical records of immigration between between the late-19th and mid-20th centuries, possibly up to 500%.

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