Thurs 12/5: Toys we DON’T want Santa to bring. Two actions.

Action #1: Sign a petition to stop Target’s sale of assault-style toy guns.

This all started with a Target ad on the Sunday after Thanksgiving featured a Nerf gun called a “Fortnite AR-E blaster.” The toy gun was shaped like an AR-15, the weapon of choice for mass shootings—including the school shootings at Margery Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL and Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. In these times of horrific gun violence, people are asking our retailers to step up and stop selling toys modeled on AR-15s or other assault-style weapons. This is not inconceivable. Walmart ended sales of realistic assault-styled toys and Target puts itself out as a responsible corporation that helps communities.

MoveOn has a petition to ask Target to end sales of toys styled after assault weapons.

Read more about this issue and sign the petition here.

Action #2: Hey, don’t forget Amazon!

‘Tis the season of inappropriate gifts and Amazon has just withdrawn Holocaust-themed Christmas ornaments and bath towels. Let’s ask them to go a bit further. We can’t replicate their onsite photos so just click this link: “toy guns that look like assault rifles“. What you’ll see will include:

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Wed 12/4: To defend Trump against impeachment, the GOP has become the Kremlin’s “useful idiots.” Where do your legislators stand?

Image from wikimedia commons – Gage Skidmore.

Action #1: Ask GOP legislators (or ask friends & family to ask theirs) why they are supporting an anti-democratic dictatorship over a pro-western democracy.

We are entering a Twilight Zone version of the McCarthy era. This time, GOP apologists of a foreign and malign dictatorship are actively attacking American values and democracy to keep possibly the most corrupt president in history from sinking their own political careers. Kremlin-inspired propaganda is aimed at making Ukraine less sympathetic to the American public and to make Trump’s fictitious “concerns” about Ukrainian corruption more believable. It’s no accident that they are pushing this story line. According to a 2018 Kaiser Family Foundation poll, American concerns about corruption cut across party lines equally.

The GOP is using the Kremlin-supplied innuendo of corruption to perpetrate actual corruption.  Time to make each legislator publicly show where they stand.

On 11/26, we asked you to get friends and relatives with GOP legislators to call and ask them if they swore an oath to the Constitution or to a man. Today, we want them to ask what country they work for. Continue reading “Wed 12/4: To defend Trump against impeachment, the GOP has become the Kremlin’s “useful idiots.” Where do your legislators stand?”

Mon 12/2: Hey, instead of worrying about who says “Merry Christmas”, how about stopping the war on the poor? Comments due tonight by 11:59 pm, EST

Engraving and quotes from A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens, 1843.

Write a comment to stop this latest attack on our most vulnerable. Deadline tonight, Dec. 2nd, at 11:59 pm EST.

While the Trump administration continues to transfer cash from the poor and middle-class to the wealthiest Americans and corporation with the 2017 tax scam as well as programs meant to help the poor, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue continues his quest to cut the pie even narrower for those already in food-insecure households. Some people will need to decide whether to be warm or fed. In America. Where there is wealth enough for both many times over.

  • Comment here.
  • Proposal to cut benefits to keep warm here.
  • Other comments here for inspiration. Don’t copy! Identical comments will be culled.

Deeper dive.

Claiming a need to close a loophole to save $2.5 billion dollars, which in actuality is an amount too small to register on bar graphs showing our country’s entire yearly budget, the Trump administration has created a multi-staged war on the poor, especially the food stamp program, which has kept over three million people out of poverty in 2018, including veterans. Continue reading “Mon 12/2: Hey, instead of worrying about who says “Merry Christmas”, how about stopping the war on the poor? Comments due tonight by 11:59 pm, EST”

Mon 12/2: Emergency meeting tonight to stop unjust evictions to evade new renter protection laws!

Facebook event here. Please arrive by 5:45 to the front of Ventura City Hall!

(From CAUSE:) We’re  reaching out to let you all know about a really important City Council meeting on Monday December 2nd at 6 pm where a Moratorium on Evictions will be on the agenda and up for a vote. 

You may have heard about the most recent VC Reporter article and/or the previous   article talking about the 1313 Buena Vista apartments as well as other tenants being evicted on the Avenue. 

On Monday, November 18th, the Ventura City Council voted unanimously to draft a moratorium on no-fault evictions until the new renter protection laws (AB 1482) go into effect January 1st. It is now imperative that we attend the next meeting when they actually vote on the draft. If passed, this will allow tenants who were given no-fault notices to vacate are able to remain in their homes.

Please arrive by 5:45 to the front of Ventura City Hall and we will once again walk in together to the council chambers at at 6pm. We should all then try to speak during public comment period, which will be at the beginning of the meeting. 

We’re trying to get as many people to show up and give public comment in support of the moratorium.



Mon- 12/02: Trump has been tearing down the wall between church and state. Say “NO” to Sarah Pitlyk.

Action  – Call your senators (both Dems and GOP!) and tell them to vote “NO” on “NOT QUALIFIED” forced-birther radical  Sarah Pitlyk for U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

The word is that she’s up for a full vote of the Senate this week.

Planned Parenthood alert:  The bipartisan American Bar Association has unanimously rated Sarah Pitlyk, another extremist Federalist Society member, “not qualified” for this important position, due to her lack of trial experience. She opposes reproductive rights, the Affordable Care Act and the legal right to abortion. She fought to allow businesses and landlords the right to discriminate against women whose private health histories include abortion or birth control. Through her Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, her writings, and legal actions she participated in at forced-birther advocacy firm Thomas Moore Society (TMS), she’s demonstrated that she will impose her own religious beliefs over the lives of women and their families if she gets into a position of power. While the concept of the the Handmaid’s Tale’s Aunt Lydia becoming an judge might make a great Hollywood script, in real life, true-believer Sarah Pitlyk cannot be trusted to apply the law and legal precedents fairly and impartially to everyone who might come before the court.

Update: Oct. 31st – “In a party-line vote on Thursday, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced the nomination of a St. Louis County anti-abortion and religious rights lawyer in line to become St. Louis’ next federal judge.”

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Thurs 11/28 – Another resistance -Thanksgiving in the shadow of Trump.

Thanksgiving is a complicated American holiday. It’s both a secular feast day centered around gatherings of family and friends and a yearly reinforcement of our wildly inaccurate origin story, a cultural mythology that obfuscates our colonialist history. Its placement on the calendar also makes it the starting bell to our annual flood of extended consumerism, the intensity of which is read like tea leaves by investors and the stock market to determine the economic health of our nation.

Here are some resources we’ve been collecting that might come in handy as you navigate political waters over the gravy boat, and for when and where you decide to spend your post-dinner dollars.

During your family’s dinner, keep your cool and make a difference where you can.

Here is an awesome guide from IndivisibleSF (San Francisco) on how to talk to your friends and family about Trump. Start from deciding if talking is physically dangerous or just uncomfortable. “If you’re just worried that the conversation will be unpleasant, but you’re not worried about it being dangerous to you, we encourage you to speak up. It may not be pleasant, but it is what your country needs from you.”

Then it give solid ideas on how to tackle conversations, from unfunny “jokes” to attacks on “political correctness”, along with a list of great reference materials.

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Tues 11/26: GOP legislators…To what do you owe allegiance? Asking for the country we love…

“In the course of my official duties, I have received information from multiple U.S. Government officials that the President of the United States is using the power of his office to solicit interference from a foreign country in the 2020 U.S. election. This interference includes, among other things, pressuring a foreign country to investigate one of the President’s main domestic political rivals.” (Whistleblower complaint)

Action – Contact your friends and relatives with GOP legislators and ask them if they swore an oath to the Constitution or to a man.

Former Director of the United States Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub, in reference to a clip of Fox News in which host Tucker Carlson’s roots for Russia over Ukraine states, “This clip is just one more exhibit supporting the case that it’s no longer left vs. right but democracy vs. authoritarianism. I think many still underestimate the threat to the republic.”

What does it mean to our democracy when a president abuses his power by using a Russian intelligence myth as a tool to pervert foreign policy into serving his personal interests?

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11/25: Today is the deadline to comment on the EPA rollback of protections against methane. The rich aren’t worried. They have bunkers.

Image: screen grab from UN video below. 

Action #1: Write a comment to prevent the fossil fuel industry’s ploy to rollback methane standards. Deadline: Monday, 11/25, 11:59 pm EST.

Today is your last chance to comment on the administration’s proposed rollback of regulations on the fossil fuel industry’s handling of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Many of us have wondered why they keep undoing our environmental protections…don’t the human beings behind these actions – rollbacks that will continue to drive pollution and global warming, care about themselves and the world their children and grandchildren will inherit?

Are they so wealthy that concerns about clean air and water are beneath them? Yes, actually… for an estimated 5 years, if they can make it to their climate-change-proof bunker in time.

Despite orchestrating deceptive campaigns for decades to make average Americans doubt the existence of global warming, our billionaire class knows the truth and are making plans. We are cordially NOT invited to join them.

  • Write your comment here.
  • Read their rollback proposal and specious reasoning here.
  • Read other comments for inspiration here. As always, commenters, DO NOT COPY OTHER COMMENTS, use pre-written comments from websites or sign petitions. The government searches out and destroys identical comments and only counts petitions as (1) signature.
  • Deeper dive into the methane regulation rollback and other interesting information below.

Action #2: Call your legislators and get them to stand up against this abuse of our regulatory agencies and our environmental protections.

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Sun 11/24: Get into the family spirit of the holidays by helping your neighbors become citizens.

Action #1: THIS SUNDAY- 11/24: Volunteer, help spread the word and/or donate to our local free citizenship fair – Swap Meet Justice! 

What are we doing? We help our neighbors turn their green cards (permanent residency cards) into citizenship. We also help renew green card and DACA applications and register new voters. Come help! No experience required.

If you’ve never watch Ronald Reagan’s astonishing last speech as president, reminding his listeners that immigration is “the great life force of each generation of new Americans…” watch it here. (Quick timeline of the history of immigration here.)

  • More details on this event here!
  • Where: Oxnard Community Marketplace –  Oxnard College Campus.
  • When: We are open from 8am-3pm, last application starting at ±1:00 pm.
  • Note: First-time volunteers MUST take a 1-hour training course at 8:30 am. It’s actually really interesting.

Thinking about being a volunteer? You don’t have to be a lawyer. You don’t need to speak a foreign language, but that extra skill is appreciated. You don’t have to be a citizen and you don’t have to be over 18. Teen volunteers are great! Basic requirement is that you care about helping our immigrant neighbors. More details here!

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Thurs 11/21: Today is 3rd Thursday “Pizza, comradery, & postcard” event!”

Indivisible Ventura is still in mourning over Congressman Elijah Cummings’ passing. In his honor, we encourage everyone to do these actions for democracy listed on our 10/16 post.

Action  – TODAY! Meet at Santino’s for pizza, good conversation, and social justice – every Third Thursday starting at 11:30 am

Today: We’re going to be writing 300 postcards to voters in Dallas, Texas in connection with the NAACP and the Center for Common Ground’s – Reclaim our Vote campaign!

  • Where: Santino’s Pizza. It’s at 4231 Telegraph Rd., Ventura, 9300
  • When: Thursday, Nov. 21st, 11:30am – 1:30pm.
  • RSVP for our supporters: Nope. Just come. Invite your friends!
    We do, however, reserve the right to refuse any volunteers and their services.
  • What to bring: We provide the pizza, postcards, stationary. If you prefer, you may bring your own stationary for letter actions.
  • Donations gratefully accepted: A postcard stamp is $0.35! We’re trying to achieve 300 finished postcards, which equals $105. Donations of money for stamps and pizza or rolls of postcard stamps are gratefully accepted. 
  • Questions? Email

Deeper dive into the  RECLAIM OUR VOTE campaign.
Why do we need this campaign? Community of color voters are being placed on “Inactive” or “Unregistered” lists at a 16% higher rate than whites. The ability to vote of people in minority communities was already being systematically undermined over the last decade, by the imposition of strict new voter ID laws, by the reduction in polling places and early voting, and through many other tactics.

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