Sat 12/21: Swap Meet Justice goes to East Ventura County this Saturday!

Ventura’s resistance movement is strong and varied. Check out our entire list of events and keep track here. Send additions for the list to

Action #1  – Saturday 12/21 – Hands-on opportunity to help our newest neighbors!

Swap meet jpeg.jpeg

This month we are fortunate to have TWO Swap Meet Justice events! Saturday, 12/21,  come join us in Moorpark at the Holy Cross Church and at our regular event on the last Sunday of the month at Oxnard College (Mark these dates:

People tell of their forefathers coming to America with $10 in their pocket and making good. But that’s just part of the story. Families, friends, employers, even strangers (we love this story) helped them take their first steps towards a new life and success.

Come be part of someone’s story. Volunteer to help AND/OR make sure someone who needs help – with citizenship, DACA or GREEN card paperwork, or just needs to talk to an immigration attorney, sees this information. Note: There is now assistance for DACA fees for those who qualify!!!

Download this flyer to enlarge the image below or to print out and share.

Action #2  – Postcard campaign to Wisconsin voters starts in January.

Wisconsin postcard

All hands on deck!: Almost a quarter million people are getting tossed off the voting rolls in Wisconsin. Indivisible Chicago is partnering with two other organizations to get the word out to 500,000 potential voters in Wisconsin, starting in January – March. Wisconsin voters who receive handwritten postcards are significantly more likely to vote in the April 7 primary AND the general election in November. The organizers proved it in 2018 with randomized controlled experiments.

Though Indivisible Ventura will be joining this campaign as well, (Mark your calendars – Third Thursdays Pizza Parties are 1/16, 2/20, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21, 6/18…) our incredibly energetic and dedicated volunteers can sign up here to receive everything they need to write postcards at home, or host their own postcard parties in early 2020, including postcards, addresses, and instructions. Wisconsin voters are critically important in the 2020 election. Who knew we could help save democracy by writing postcards?

Action #3  –  Jan. 18th – Speak Up, Act & Vote for What Unites Us.

Facebook link here.


Action #4  –  Jan. 20th – Ventura County’s 34th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Come support this amazing celebration in honor of America’s preeminent civil rights leader. Over 200 participants are involved, including our elected officials, religious leaders, local businesses, military and community volunteers, the Celebration Choir, the Oxnard High School Band, speakers and students, along with an estimated audience of over 600. Details of the day here and here.

What can you do?

  • First, support this event by buying a ticket here or from a member. (Indivisible Ventura is a member.) $8 gets you admission to the event, which starts at 9:00 am at the Oxnard PAL Gymnasium, along with refreshments and access to community information tables and vendor exhibits.
  • Join in the Freedom March. If you’ve never had the exhilaration of marching down the middle of a city street, singing and chanting for civil rights, this is your chance. It starts at Plaza Park in Oxnard (5th and C St.) where community members, elected officials, and spiritual leaders will assemble at the park for prayer at 8 a.m.; the march will begin at 8:15 a.m. and then proceed to the Oxnard PAL Gymnasium.
  • Are you a singer or musician?: The public is invited to join the Celebration Choir. Rehearsal dates are listed on the flyer below and are held at Bethel AME Church, 855 S. “F” St., Oxnard. Come to as many rehearsals as you can.


Action #5  –  Jan. 26th – Rising Up for Roe: The Fight for Reproductive Justice


Facebook link with details here.

This event is hosted by the Ventura Co. Reproductive Rights Network (VSRRN), Ventura Co. Women’s Forum Collaborative, Temple Beth Torah, Indivisible Ventura and the League of Women Voters of Ventura Co. 

Reproductive justice means more than just the legal right to access reproductive health care, including abortion. It means having control over our reproductive lives, with access to safe, affordable health care regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, geographical area, or economic circumstances.

A panel of experts will explore the current politically-driven nationwide erosion of reproductive rights and the impact on reproductive justice in the arenas of law, health care, education, politics, and the faith community.

The VCRRN is a countywide umbrella of organizations and individuals committed to educating the community about reproductive health issues and mobilizing its members in support of reproductive freedom, rights and access.


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