Thurs 11/21: Today is 3rd Thursday “Pizza, comradery, & postcard” event!”

Indivisible Ventura is still in mourning over Congressman Elijah Cummings’ passing. In his honor, we encourage everyone to do these actions for democracy listed on our 10/16 post.

Action  – TODAY! Meet at Santino’s for pizza, good conversation, and social justice – every Third Thursday starting at 11:30 am

Today: We’re going to be writing 300 postcards to voters in Dallas, Texas in connection with the NAACP and the Center for Common Ground’s – Reclaim our Vote campaign!

  • Where: Santino’s Pizza. It’s at 4231 Telegraph Rd., Ventura, 9300
  • When: Thursday, Nov. 21st, 11:30am – 1:30pm.
  • RSVP for our supporters: Nope. Just come. Invite your friends!
    We do, however, reserve the right to refuse any volunteers and their services.
  • What to bring: We provide the pizza, postcards, stationary. If you prefer, you may bring your own stationary for letter actions.
  • Donations gratefully accepted: A postcard stamp is $0.35! We’re trying to achieve 300 finished postcards, which equals $105. Donations of money for stamps and pizza or rolls of postcard stamps are gratefully accepted. 
  • Questions? Email

Deeper dive into the  RECLAIM OUR VOTE campaign.
Why do we need this campaign? Community of color voters are being placed on “Inactive” or “Unregistered” lists at a 16% higher rate than whites. The ability to vote of people in minority communities was already being systematically undermined over the last decade, by the imposition of strict new voter ID laws, by the reduction in polling places and early voting, and through many other tactics.

Some history: In June of 2018 the Center for Common Ground (in conjunction with the NAACP, Black Voters Matter, Carpool Vote and other organizations) launched and spearheaded the Reclaim Our Vote 2018 campaign: a six-month, volunteer-driven, nonpartisan effort to reach out to voters of color in states such as Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Texas and Mississippi—states with a long and ugly history of voter suppression. They helped increase African American voter turnout in the rural counties of Alabama by approximately 35%. Even before their official launch, in Virginia and Alabama in 2017, they were achieving clear results in the form of a significantly increased turnout by voters of color in the Virginia statewide elections and the Alabama special election between Senate candidates Doug Jones and Roy Moore.

How can we RECLAIM OUR VOTE in 2019? The campaign is seeking to expand their volunteer base and increase their impact in states where significant off-year and special elections are taking place (Virginia, North Carolina, Mississippi), or where “Unregistered” voters-of-color numbers are particularly high (Texas, Colorado, Arizona). Volunteers helping to write postcards is a great help.

What would happen if more people voted? (NYTimes) “Many political scientists say that policies that make voting easier would also make American democracy more representative and less likely to favor the interests of wealthier, older and white voters who typically turn out at higher rates. Broader participation, proponents say, could ease polarization, lift faith in government and dampen criticism that politicians representing the views of a minority of Americans wield the majority of power in Washington.”

Cards/letters of support: 
Time depending, we would also like to send cards and/or letters of support to Rep. Adam Schiff, as well as the State Department professionals who’ve bravely come forward, in spite of President Trump’s vitriolic attacks and the rage of his followers. We will batch-mail letters to each person, or you can mail your message separately to the following addresses.

  • Rep. Adam Schiff
    2269 Rayburn House
    Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515
  • William B. Taylor
    c/o American Academy of Diplomacy
    1200 18th Street, NW Suite 902
    Washington, DC 20036
  • George Kent
    Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs
    Department of State
    2201 C Street NW
    Washington, DC 20520
  • Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch
    Institute for the Study of Diplomacy
    Walsh School of Foreign Service
    Georgetown University
    1316 36th Street NW
    Washington, DC 20007







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