Remind Marriott not to host hate groups.

“ACT for America is the country’s largest anti-Muslim hate group, and they work tirelessly to undermine Muslim communities and our allies. They support a broad racist, anti-Muslim, and White Nationalist agenda—not just the Muslim Ban, but a wall on the US-Mexico border, and the ending of DACA, too.

At their last national event back in June, ACT for America was joined by members of Identity Evropa and Vanguard America—the same groups involved in the deadly neo-Nazi riot in Charlottesville.

Now, ACT is planning their annual conference next weekend (October 2nd and 3rd)—at the Marriott in Arlington, VA.  

Let’s ask Marriot hotels not to host this hate group for meetings of any kind 

2 Actions – Choose 1 or both.

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This one is easy…The Sierra Club’s got it all set up for you.

Tell the Bureau of Land Management that they should protect public lands, not polluters. 

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The Trump administration is trying to remove environmental protections that would shield public and tribal lands and water from the worst effects of fracking.

The Bureau of Land Management’s fracking rule was created to make sure that fracking well construction protects local water supplies, ensure that the fluids that flow back to the surface because of fracking are managed responsibly, and provide public disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking. Removing safeguards only benefits Trump’s oil industry buddies.

Fracking injects millions of gallons of fluids and chemicals directly into the earth. A 2011 study by the House Committee on Energy identified more than 700 chemicals used in fracking, including benzene, acrylamide, ethylene oxide, bisphenol A (BPA), and formaldehyde — all well-known carcinogens.

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Indivisible Ventura connects! (3) great actions you can do tonight.

Action #1 – Watch

People Power | ACLU


Thanks for your interest in watching “When Heritage= Hate: The Truth About the Confederacy in America.”

You’ll hear from the ACLU’s top expert on racial justice issues, Jeffery Robinson, who will discuss the dark history of Confederate symbols and monuments across our country, and outline what each of us can do to better learn from our history.

Click here to watch the stream at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT.

Watch the stream »

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– The People Power Team

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