Wed 2/17: Two anti-fossil fuel actions to take today!

Action #1: Join in today’s call-in project to stop the Line 3 tar sands pipeline!

Basics: Line 3 is a tar sands pipeline already under construction in northern Minnesota by Enbridge, the multinational corporation responsible for the largest US inland oil spill. This project to transport a million barrels of corrosive tar sands per day from the world’s most destructive oil operation in Canada, violates treaty rights, risks over 200 bodies of water and untouched wetlands with the threat of an oil spill, and reverses our progress on climate change with a carbon equivalent of 50 coal-fired power plants. It’s being funded by Chase Bank.

Make the calls: Join in today to call Chase Bank’s CEOs, executives, and board members and ask them to stop funding this project. It’s easy to do. Just sign in here and you’ll get a script and they’ll help you dial.

Send some emails: Link here. Add your voice to the growing demand to banks like Chase, Citi, Bank of America and TD Bank to STOP financing Line 3. Send a direct email to CEOs now to demand that they stop funding the toxic Line 3 pipeline. Your email will go directly to the inboxes of CEOs, executives, and Board members of the banks funding Line 3.

Some background…

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