11/13: “Dear Tim…Please rethink this whole “Parler” business…

We’ve had enough. After reading Media Matters article on Stewart Rhodes and Alex Jones, and watching the linked video describing a proposed attack on our capitol, we are not allowing another corporate giant to enable a platform promoting lies and fomenting violence, without protest. Apple, a company whose corporate vision is “to make the best products on earth, and to leave the world better than we found it” is promoting an barely-moderated app, “Parler”, which is fulfilling its promise of becoming another toxic cesspool.

Read more about what’s on the Parler site here.

Write an email to CEO Tim Cook…

This is the outline of the letter we sent to him at tcook@apple.com. Its really long, but you can write a much shorter one, or just a couple of lines. Just make whatever you do sound like you.

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Fire Bill Handel from KFI 640. Calling a United States Congresswoman a “Whore” is NOT ACCEPTABLE. #NeverSayWhore

This history…

Last week, we asked people to call Rep. Frederica Wilson’s office to share some kind words with her and her staff .

They’ve been swamped by negative and threatening messages for standing up to Trump. If you haven’t heard about this, click here and add your voice of support to her and her staff.

Of course, someone made it worse…

On Oct. 20th,  Los Angeles’ KFI 640 morning radio host Bill Handel called Rep. Wilson,  a “cheap, sleazy, Democrat whore” (if you can stomach listening to it: http://bit.ly/2yZ3Pi4), spreading this dangerous message of hate against Ms. Wilson. He’s contributed to the hate and death threats causing Rep. Wilson to feel too threatened to return to DC to do her job. (http://bit.ly/2id9SWp)

Let’s do something! First, contact the radio station.

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