Tues 11/5: Help protect Ventura County’s Water! Urge the Board of Supervisors to extend the ban on new oil wells! Meeting today at 3:00 pm.

(Food & Water Watch) A U.S. Geological Survey report earlier this year revealed petroleum-related gases near flammable levels in Oxnard’s and Camarillo’s water supply.   The people living closest to the current and proposed oil wells are already overburdened with the highest rates of pollution in all of California, according to the California EPA.

Ventura County Supervisors did the right thing and voted for a temporary ban on new oil and gas wells near drinkable water. So far there haven’t been any new findings, but the temporary ban expires soon. And there are potential fossil fuel projects in the pipeline for Ventura County, so the industry isn’t going to give up easily.

Action #1 – Go to the meeting, speak out and/or write a comment card.

Ventura County Supervisors are scheduled to vote on whether to extend the ban for a year, today, November 5th at 3:00 p.m.

Despite Big Oil’s efforts and millions of dollars spent, people like you have spoken out and Ventura County supervisors have voted twice now to protect our water.

Action #2 – Whether or not you can make the meeting, send in a message. Food & Water Watch has made it easy.

Tell the Ventura County Supervisors to extend Ventura’s oil and gas moratorium to protect our drinking water! Write a comment here!

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Tues 7/23: Join Food & Water Watch at the VC Government Center at 1:30 TODAY – No new oil wells in Oxnard!

Action – Join Food & Water Watch to fight for environmental justice today

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(Food & Water Watch) “An oil company wants to drill new polluting oil wells in the Cabrillo Oilfield right next to Oxnard residents’ homes and within 2 miles of 8 schools!

Send a message to your Ventura County Supervisor urging them to deny these new oil wells: https://fwwat.ch/stop-renpet

This is a frontline community that has already been a sacrifice zone subject to heavy pollution for decades. Enough is enough! We need Ventura County Supervisors to deny these new oil wells!

Renaissance Petroleum’s proposal would add four new oil wells, an oil and gas processing facility, and a flare to burn off gas produced at the project. The production facility is being built to separate oil, water and gas for a minimum of 20 permitted oil wells, causing more air pollution and truck traffic in the area.

According to the State of California residents in this area are in the top 100 percentile for pesticide pollution, 97 percentile for impaired water and 91 percentile for pollution burden percentile.

We must fight back with all the people power we’ve got! Help demand environmental justice for Oxnard communities before the vote by sending a message here: https://fwwat.ch/stop-renpet or calling your County Supervisor! And then attend the hearing on July 23rd at 1:30PM”

Steve Bennett (805) 654-2703
Linda Parks (805) 214-2510
Kelly Long (805) 654-2276
Bob Huber (805) 955-2300
John Zaragoza (805) 654-2613

Send a message to them easily here: https://fwwat.ch/stop-renpet