QUICK ACTION: Deadline today, Tuesday 5/31, to demand that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) speed up the shift to 100% Electric Vehicles.

QUICK ACTION: Tell CARB that the health of our communities can’t take 5 extra years of pollution and to change their goal to curb tailpipe pollution from 2035 to 2030.

  • Fastest action: Fill in your name on this form letter by Food & Water Watch. (https://secure.foodandwaterwatch.org/act/demand-faster-shift-100-clean-vehicles-california)
  • Slightly slower, more effective: There’s an editable section of the letter right after “Dear California Air Resources Board.” ERASE that whole section and tell this board why you need them to step up and make this change faster.
    • Add a personal story about how LUNG, CARDIOVASCULAR OR COGNITIVE ISSUES have affected your friends and family and that you know that these are connected to tailpipe pollution.
    • Add a personal story about how CLIMATE CHANGE has affected your friends and family and that you know that this is connected to tailpipe pollution.

Deeper Dive

Dirty, gas-burning cars and trucks are the largest single source of California’s emissions. Meanwhile, high gas prices are hurting us at the pump and cancer-causing vehicle exhaust is harming our communities. Most of us know that kids who live in lower income neighborhoods cut up with freeways have higher instances of asthma caused by air pollution. Researchers now now that beyond cardiovascular and respiratory health, high levels of air pollution may damage children’s cognitive abilities, increase adults’ risk of cognitive decline and possibly even contribute to depression.

California leaders want to wait until 2035 to transition to 100% electric vehicle sales — much too late to avoid the worst of the fires, droughts, and other deadly climate dangers hurting our communities.

The latest UN climate report says it’s “now or never” to stop the climate emergency. Yet California’s leaders aren’t moving fast enough to address tailpipe pollution from gas-fueled cars, which cause almost 30% of the state’s emissions.

California can and must curb tailpipe pollution faster.

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