Tuesday’s Call-in Prescription

Today is our “Evacuation Special” as our town is literally on fire and we’ve relocated to a location with terrible internet access. Today’s post will be notable  for its lateness and weird format.

We’re asking people to make two important calls today! And then do some fun things.

#1. Pass a Clean Dream Act. 

Even if you’ve called on this before, do it again.

#2. Read “Kill the concealed carry for everyone!” for background. They’re voting on this in the House TOMORROW (Wednesday).

Using the same kind of reverse logic that results in a tax bill for the middle class that is actually harmful to them, the GOP has decided that overriding common-sense safety provisions of states run by grownups will make us safer.

This actually passed out of committee (*^?^**!!!) so ignore the references to talking just to committee members. Call your own Representative and both Senators, no matter how you imagine they’ll vote. Note that three Democrats openly support this bill, because they feel they have to to survive. Too bad.

Minimal Script: I’m calling from [zip code]  to express my opposition to (H.R. 38(for Reps),  S.446 (for Senators)

More Script if you want it: This bill would invalidate state-level concealed carry restrictions, make it difficult for law enforcement to verify whether a weapon is legally carried, and essentially allow permitless carry across the country. Continue reading “Tuesday’s Call-in Prescription”