Time to pay attention to state bills!

Legislation is rushing through both CA chambers’ for their floor votes, and as usual, some great bills are being crushed and some turds are floating to the top. Time to amplify the voices of our allies! We’ve made the calls as short as possible and yes, you can combine them.

  • Action #1: BRADY – Call for better gun laws!
  • Action #2: SIERRA CLUB – Two “YES” and one “NO!”
  • Action #3: PRO-Choice California – Push all thirteen bills through.
  • Action #4: “Best intentions” meets the internet to make a horrible baby!

Action #1: BRADY – Call for better gun laws!

(From Ruth Borenstein, Brady California Legislative and Policy Chair) “These four bills are evidence-based solutions that will protect public safety and save lives… Ghost guns pose one of the greatest threats to our communities: They are unserialized, fully-functioning firearms that require NO background check. Because they’re so easy to obtain, they’ve proliferated across California and have been used in deadly acts of violence, including the tragic Saugus High School shooting and in everyday acts of gun violence. 

Minimal script for assemblymember: Minimal script for assemblymember: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Assemblymember [____] to vote “YES” on the following 3 bills that will protect public safety and save lives: [You don’t have to say the parts in (…)]

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