Thur 2/20: Today is our 3rd Thursday “Pizza & Postcards” event and our goal is to reach 400 folks in Montgomery County, Alabama! Join in. We need your help!

Action #1  – TODAY – Thursday, 2/20: Meet at Santino’s for pizza, good conversation, and social justice – every Third Thursday starting at 11:30 am

The next community showing of this film will be by the Chalice UU on 3/28. Stay tuned to our “Event” page for more details. Ventura’s resistance movement is strong and varied. Check out the entire list and keep track here. Send additions for the list to

Indivisible Ventura, along with groups and individuals across the country, has been participating in a postcard campaign with the Reclaim our Vote campaign, organized by the Center for Common Ground.   This month, the campaign has sent us 400 addresses for the next area of deliberate voter disenfranchisement – Montgomery County, Alabama.

If you have a moment, read these great reports: “Alive and Well: Voter Suppression and Election Mismanagement in Alabama,”  and Systemic Inequality and American Democracy.”

  • Where: Santino’s Pizza. It’s at 4231 Telegraph Rd., Ventura, 93003
  • When: Thursday, Feb. 20th, between 11:30am – 1:30pm.
  • RSVP for our supporters: Nope. Just come. Invite your friends!
    We do, however, reserve the right to refuse any volunteers and their services.
  • What to bring: We provide the pizza, postcards, stationary. If you prefer, you may bring your own pre-stamped postcards, or stationary for letter actions. You are also welcome to bring stickers and different colored pens.
  • Donations gratefully accepted: A postcard stamp is $0.35! We’re trying to achieve 400 finished postcards, which equals $140!. Donations of money for stamps and pizza or rolls of postcard stamps are gratefully accepted. 
  • Questions? Email

More information from the “Reclaim our Vote” campaign

Reclaim our Vote is a volunteer-driven, nonpartisan voter outreach campaign to help empower voters of color and fight voter suppression, especially in the South. It’s a coalition which includes the NAACP, Black Voters Matter, VoteRiders, DemLabs, Mi Familia Vota and other organizations. Beginning with the Virginia election in 2017, dozens, hundreds, and now thousands of Reclaim Our Vote volunteers around the country have written postcards, phoned, texted, and canvassed voters of color – first, to make sure they are registered to vote, and then to encourage them to vote during the elections.  

Reclaim Our Vote Accomplishments:

  • 2018 with our partners – more than 250,000 phone calls to Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia
  • 2019 – 347,000 postcards, 90,000 phone calls, and 114,000 texts to Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia, as well as billboards and geofencing

Reclaim Our Vote Impact:

  • 35% increased turnout in Alabama Black Belt (2017)
  • 85% of our calls (contacts & voicemail) with our partners and work on the ground in Alabama resulted in votes (2017)
  • 65% of our calls (contacts & voicemail) with our partners and work on the ground in Georgia resulted in votes (2018)
  • 5% higher turnout than expected for North Carolina Special Election (2019)
  • 40% turnout statewide in Virginia in 2018 compared to 29% in 2015 (many groups from across the political spectrum worked to turn out the vote in Virginia; Reclaim Our Vote reached out to more than 225,000 voters)

Reclaim Our Vote Objectives 2020:

In 2020 we are focusing on states with 20% or more voters of color, significant electoral votes, and a Senate seat in play. Our objective in 2020 is to increase turnout among voters of color by at least 20% over 2016 in at least 4 states where voters of color comprise more than 20% of the population. Likely states include TX, AL, NC, VA, GA, MS and AZ.


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