Thurs 8/15: 3rd Thursday is going to be busy – Pizza, Camaraderie, & Postcards.

Action  – Meet at Santino’s for pizza, camaraderie, and social justice – every Third Thursday starting at 11:30 am

Action #1: North Carolina: We’re going to send 500 postcards to the good folks in Beaumont, NC to remind them of a special election on Sept. 10th!

A postcard stamp is $0.35. (500) postcards equals $175. Donations to help fund this or rolls of stamps are gratefully accepted! We provide pizza, and properly marked postcards.

Action #2: Kindness for kids: Scour your drawers for fun cards, postcards and kid-friendly stickers and bring them! We’ll batch-mail them.

EL PASO ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS: From one of our own: “Hello. We are teachers in El Paso. We would like to know if anyone is interested in sending us postcards to help our students know there is plenty of good in our world. As teachers, we may only be able to say so much. We think concrete messages of support would help us calm some fears. Any thoughts? You can send them here: 1) E. Flores, Hillside Elementary, 4500 Clifton Ave., El Paso, TX 79903, and 2) Teresa Garrett, Tom Lea Elementary, 4851 Marcus Uribe Dr., El Paso, TX. 79934.”

Action #3: Letters to legislators: Depending on time and how many people show up, we have a number of issues we can address, including:

  • DEMAND that every child in every detention center be released to family or placed in a safe, caring, non-institutional environment and INSIST that every child’s status be carefully tracked until this is achieved
  • OBJECT to this continued use of cyanide bombs in the face of overwhelming public opposition and CALL for legislation to outlaw these devices in the face of EPA intransigence
  • URGE swift, positive action on S.2220 -“Open and Responsive Government Act of 2019” by the Judiciary Committee.

Where: Santino’s Pizza. It’s at 4231 Telegraph Rd., Ventura, 93003

When: Thursday, August 15th, 11:30am – 1:30pm.

RSVP: Nope. Just come. Invite your friends.

What to bring: We provide the pizza, postcards, stationary. If you prefer, you may bring your own stationary. Donations of stamps are always gratefully accepted.

Questions? Email

We eat, we write, we talk, we plot, we share. Come and join in the fun!

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