Thanks to all who came out to the City Council Meeting – THEY VOTED TO FUND THE SHELTER!

Last night, Monday, June 18, our City Council voted to fund a 24-hour, year-round shelter in front of a large crowd of enthusiastic supporters! 

We heard from a  long-term homeless advocate who’s been working for decades for this night.

judy alexandre

We heard from a man who’d experienced homelessness firsthand.


We listened to well-spoken youth leaders, teachers and people who had voted for Measure ‘O’ and had been waiting for this promise to be kept.

After a short discussion, the Ventura City Council allotted $300,000 in Measure O funds from last year as well as an additional $300,000 for 2018. Zoning for a shelter was put into place last year and the council agreed with advocates that a site would be chosen by the end of this year. THIS IS HUGE.

This would enable our homeless residents to be surrounded with services and given the chance to gain a foothold in their lives. A year-round shelter is supported by our police, business owners and homeless advocates alike.

In a time when it seems like our federal government appears capricious and cruel, last night’s compassionate conclusion, ending in applause, both reminds us how important our civic participation really is and that even the actions of our local government have the power to save lives.

Take a moment to email “Thank you” notes to our City Council!

Talking points for emails (be sure to make it your own!):

-As a voter and concerned citizen in Ventura, I’d like to thank you for your commitment to $600,000 in Measure O funds to acquire a year-round shelter, as well as committing ongoing funding from Measure O to support the City’s share of the operational costs of the year-round shelter. I look forward to thanking you personally at the opening ceremony.

Yours truly,
Mayor Neal Andrews:
Deputy Mayor Matt LaVere:
Councilmember Cheryl Heitmann:
Councilmember James Monahan:
Councilmember Erik Nasarenko:
Councilmember Mike Tracy:
Councilmember Christy Weir:

Or copy/paste this whole string to email them all at once:,,,,,,

Facts about being homeless in Ventura.

Share with those who need a little more information…



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