#CorkerKickback – A Holiday gift to Trump and more than a quarter of all GOP Senators! Last Day! Go nuts!

The House is scheduled to vote today; the Senate tomorrow.

Amongst all the other provisions transferring wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy and corporations, is a last minute giveaway to the richest, not only to their wealthy donors but an early Christmas gift to President “I’m very greedy”  Trump and themselves too.

“According to an analysis of federal records by the International Business Times (IBT), a “special provision” buried in the 500-page Republican tax bill—which has come to be known as the #CorkerKickback—could amount to a combined $14 million annual income boost for “more than a quarter of all GOP senators.” (CommonDreams)

As IBT reports:

In all, 14 Republican senators (see list below) hold financial interests in 26 income-generating real-estate partnerships—worth as much as $105 million in total. Those holdings together produced between $2.4 million and $14.1 million in rent and interest income in 2016, according to federal records.

IBT first reported on the tax carve-out, which allows investors in “pass-through” entities, including real-estate partnerships such as LLCs and LPs, with few employees to deduct part of their income that passes through those partnerships.

Here’s who gains… Orrin Hatch, who wrote the provision, not surprisingly, one of it’s beneficiaries.


$14 million dollars! Now that’s a nice stocking stuffer! 

Hey…let’s leave them a lump of coal instead, since they seem to like it so much!

#1 – Basic Call: Click here.

Do this even if you have a Democrat for a Representative and/or Senator, it matters. If calling seems to take too much time, try these tips to make calling faster. If calling makes you nervous, read here about how to make it easier.

#2 – Want some info on your particular legislator’s position? Click here.

OK, now pick one of these options and pledge to yourself a small block of time to help our country.

A – Red or Blue state? Doesn’t matter. Connect with RED state voters by text!

Using smartphones or laptops, you can connect with Progressive voters in key Red areas and encourage them to call their Reps to stop this terrible bill. Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. You’ll get directions, training and guidance. If you’ve texted for them before, just fill out a simple form to start. Time is short, but if we work together we can still #KilltheBill!  We can get more information and sign up here.

B – Join the “Courage Campaign” and connect to RED state voters by phone!

Call voters in key Republican states/districts to urge their MoCs to vote “No” on this terrible tax scam. Click the link to sign up and make a few calls to voters. You’ll be connected automatically by the system and provided with a script to work from, but the most important part of this is your concerned voice reaching out to voters who might just need a last little nudge to speak out. Click here for information and sign-up.

C – Sign up with Indivisible’s Peer-to-Peer calling tool to reach RED state voters!

Click here: https://www.trumptaxscam.org/calls-to-kill-the-tax-scam/

Or join these guys!

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