Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-Saving Good News!

Watch the celebrations outside the Senate when word of the failure came back! (There’s a bunch of happy videos here)

I hear over and over…”Don’t talk to me about politics. It’s too overwhelming. It stresses me out.”

I’m going to make a different plea. Come join in!

Join a group like Indivisible, MoveOn or Swingleft and volunteer. The people are nice. And when thing’s get hard, there’s someone to listen that really understands how important this all is and when there’s joy, there’s a whole bunch of great friends to jump up and down with. Or drink beer and eat pizza with.


There are new kinds of accomplishments that you never thought of doing before, like getting an 18 year old girl from a Hmong family registered for her first opportunity to vote. Totally worth knocking on doors in the 104° heat of Fresno to see how excited she was to sign her name on the form. To help a kid with a green card work his way through the huge N400 application form, knowing that soon he’d be a American citizen. Sitting in a booth and telling people how much power they have, should they choose to use it. Learning how to make 10 calls to your legislators in ten minutes.

Even when someone thinks they’re starting out alone, they are surrounded by support.

When Teresa Shook, a retired lawyer and grandmother living in Hawaii, posted “I think we should march” on her Facebook page following the 2016 election, who would have guessed that she’d just given birth to the Women’s March, the largest and most peaceful march in American history.

When a grief-stricken Candace Lightner sat down at her kitchen table, just days after her 13 year old daughter was killed by a repeat drunk driver, who would have guess that that day was the birth of MADD. The 35-year-old divorced mother of three who wasn’t even registered to vote, started calling community members whose friends and family had been killed by drunk drivers and MADD was born in 1980. By 1984, penalties for drunk driving across the nation were increased, and drunk driving decreased. In less than five years MADD had profoundly changed public opinion and behavior .

One woman, with a Facebook message, started a resistance movement. Another, with her phone and an obituary list, changed public opinion and has saved hundreds of thousands of lives. Both did it with their friends as well as with the new supporters they met along the way.

There’s love and strength in the connection with others who also want to save this country.

There is also power.

So join in. We need you.

(Note, in working through your inner super-hero, there might be a few tears…)

gal gadot and litttle girl.jpeg

“There’s no reason to cry,” Gadot can be heard telling the overwhelmed young fan in a video of the encounter, captured by Variety. “Here we are together.”

“Your ability to cry is what makes you such a warrior,” Ezra Miller, one of Gadot’s “Justice League” co-stars chimed in. “Come join the Justice League whenever you get ready.”

If your super powers, like mine, are still under development, you could start here. ‘White Nonsense Roundup’ is now recruiting volunteers. If you would like to make a difference in our body politic, consider joining up with these two pioneers.


A wicked sense of humor is a great defense…

Representative Don Beyer has submitted an amendment to four sections of the House spending bill, disallowing reimbursements to be made for if/when the U.S. Government stays at Trump-owned properties. This would essentially prevent Trump from profiting off of his presidency, as he has still not divested his businesses. Let’s send Rep. Beyer a “thank you” for taking action against Trump’s unethical practices: 1119 Longworth H.O.B.Washington, DC 20515 and/or (202) 225-4376

Impeachment requires a change in public opinion. Signs of Republican support waning:

Two DNC donors and a staffer are suing the Trump campaign for working with the Russians and leaking their emails.

Democrats pushing for FBI scrutiny of Ivanka’s security clearance.

Robert Mueller’s presence is helping to change Washington’s ways.

Catholic group publicly opposes Steve Bannon.

Boy Scouts’ chief apologizes for president’s political speech.


Why those people at the top of this page are jumping up and down with happiness… the Senate failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Yeehaw!

Seven Republican senators rejected ACA “repeal without replacement.”

And then they called for the vote on the “Skinny Repeal”…

In the middle of the night, all Democrats, Independents, and three Republican Senators voted against the third and final attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act. In a historic moment, we defeated TrumpCare.

Today, let’s add Senators Murkowski, Collins, and McCain to the Resistance. Take a minute to email those Senators who voted no and thank them. Thank them for preserving health coverage for tens of millions of Americans. And then thank yourself. They voted. But you called, and wrote, and tweeted, and marched, and rallied, and shared your stories. This victory is yours!

Some quick calling stats from Daily Action: “Here are our calling stats for the three Republicans who were compelled to vote no. These reflect callers who used one of our hotlines to call”

  • Susan Collins: 663 calls, 3,314 minutes
  • John McCain: 1,025 calls, 4,628 minutes
  • Lisa Murkowski: 209 calls, 1,362 minutes (at ~6.5 minutes per call, our Alaskan callers showed impressive dedication!)
  • Daily Action calls on Obamacare/AHCA/BCRA/”Skinny Repeal” overall: 247,359 calls, 822,567 minutes
  • Senate health care calls overall: 160,474 calls, 521,058 minutes

There’s another hero who should be getting more recognition…
Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is recovering from her second surgery for stage 4 kidney cancer, but she made it to the senate on Tuesday, July 25th to voted NO with the rest of the Democrats to protect the health insurance of 20+ million people. She did not get a standing ovation or time to make a speech with Television coverage for showing up like you-know-who.  She made a great speech against the health care bill on June 27 before her own cancer surgery.  The woman deserves my favorite gif. Let’s send a note of thanks and/or a card to wish her well in her battle c/o her Hawaii Office300 Ala Moana Blvd. Rm. 3-106, Honolulu, HI 96850

14 - 1

Mr. Roger’s mother told him to look for the helpers…
Rod Stewart paid for kids with disabilities to come to DC to tell their stories.

Senate parliamentarian rules that major parts of healthcare bill require 60 votes.

Election Good News!

If we participated in the Tony the Democrat postcard writing campaign for Kevin Cavanaugh in the State Senate of New Hampshire, Cavanaugh pulled off an upset.  Pat ourselves on the back and keep writing!  There are other elections coming up! We can all join in here.


Tony the Democrat has more campaigns of postcards to voters starting up!  We can find out more about the project here and how we can sign up to help!

Republicans control the Washington state senate by exactly one seat – and they’ve used it to obstruct a progressive agenda led by Democratic Governor Jay Inslee. This November, we could flip control thanks to a special election in the 45th Senate district. Hillary Clinton won this area by more than two-to-one, and it’s represented by two Democrats in the state house. Our help can push Manka Dhingra, a prosecutor who has fought for therapeutic courts for the mentally ill and an activist against domestic violence, over the top.  Join Code Blue in phone banking for Manka. We can find a virtual phone bank link here. Find more information and FAQ’s about virtual phone banking at this link.

Hoosiers push back: IN groups file suit over commission’s request for voter data.

huge number of Democrats have registered to run for office in 2018, and Swing Left announced that grassroots donors have already raised nearly $3 million for Democratic candidates in 64 swing districts. You can continue to track progress on their leaderboard, or join the fundraising effort.

In response to backlash, ”voter integrity” committee promises privacy. Hahahaha! Thanks for playing, “Voter Integrity” team!

Not one, not two, but 16 lawsuits challenge the “voter integrity” committee.

Environmental Good News!

Colorado recently joined a dozen other states in a climate alliance, signing an executive order for the state to meet the standards of the Paris Accord. Find out if your own state has signed on to the climate alliance, and if not, encourage your governors to do so.

Americans sue the EPA for protection against a toxic pesticide.

Automakers and European countries plan to phase out diesel and combustion engines.

Good News in Immigration!

Local good news! The Oxnard City Council voted 3-1 for a “Safe” city designation, from a joint resolution created by CAUSE, the Chief of Police Witney, and Councilman Bryan MacDonald. The lady in the Statue of Liberty costume was SAD!


However she inspired Mayor ProTem Carmen Ramirez to make this nice speech at 2:16.
Chief Whitney starts the comments at 1:01.

Four senators–two Republican, two Democrat–are working to support DACA youth.

The MA Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that state and local court officials & police CANNOT cooperate with ICE by complying with immigrant detainers when criminal charges have not been filed. Let’s advance this same kind of program in our own states.

Supreme Court stays lower ruling that Muslim family members can immigrate to the US.

Oakland, CA police voted to stop working with ICE.

Texans’ creativity was on full display during protests at the state Capitol building: A Texas 21 Indivisible member wore a sari that unraveled into a banner; young women staged a quinceañera to protest racial profiling of the Latinx community; and youth activists led direct action in defense of DACA, supported by Movimiento Cosecha. #OutragedAndUnafraid

Russia Good News!

House approves Russia sanctions package, 419-3 and restricts president’s power.

Senate passes their own Russia sanctions bill, 98-2.

Jeb Bush blasts Trump and the GOP over their handling of the Russia investigation.

The Russian people look to next election for leadership change.


Good News for the Military!

Military members soon get to shop tax free.


LGBTQ Good News!

A Texas Police Chief says  the truth about bathroom bans.

Kentucky will be fined after a city clerk refused to marry same-sex couples in 2015.

Austin mayor invites trans Americans to apply to police force if kicked out of the military.

A Baptist college turns down $3M donation instead of disbanding campus LGBT group.


Great Moments in the Resistance!

Yesterday was the six-month anniversary of that historic march and the serious beginnings of the #resistance.  Let’s thank Teresa Shook for galvanizing a movement using this address:  P.O. Box 488, Hana, HI  96713-0488.

Opportunities to Help Science!

As the Trump administration slowly dismantles the NIH and strips funding from science organizations, lwe need to stand up for scientists in the U.S. Rise Stronger, 500 Women Scientists, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Engaging Scientists and Engineers in Policy Coalition, have launched the Op-Ed Project: Building a Better Society Through Science. This is a multi-step project which utilizes the power of the op-ed to promote government funding for science and technology. Read more about the project, and sign up to join in as a writer or editor here. 

Good News for the Justice System!

Senators Kamala Harris and Paul Rand have introduced bipartisan legislation to overhaul the bail system over a three-year period.  The Pretrial Integrity and Safety Act of 2017 is supported by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and the ACLU. Call our Senators to ensure that they, too, support and cosponsor this bill.

Justice Department reaches a settlement with opioid manufacturer.

Bail reform: Chicago eradicates wealth-based detention.

Pedro Hernandez was released from Rikers Island, thanks to a human rights group who paid his bail. Despite evidence that he’s innocent, he was imprisoned for more than a year without a conviction because he couldn’t afford to pay the six-figure bail. It’s time to #endcashbail.

Illinois launched the state’s first restorative justice court.

During last week’s heat wave, the ArchCity Defenders and other St. Louis groups raised money and bailed 15 people out of a brutally hot jail. After days of protests, a federal judge ruled that the jail was likely violating prisoners’ Constitutional rights, but stopped short of improving conditions for all inmates—which is why it’s vital to support the abolition of the prison industrial complex.

Oregon passes a law granting women full reproductive health services.

You can’t keep the Press in a corner…

The press resists by recording audio of briefing despite orders not to.

Nice things to do for others.

“Every year, Operation Gratitude sends 250,000+ individually-addressed care packages to Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines deployed overseas and to their children left behind.”  One of the ways we can help is to write letters to our military:

Tip: When we write to our MoC’s offices, especially the district offices, we can write a little note on our postcards, as sidebar or PS, to the staffers at that location letting them know that we appreciate them and the work they do. They are most likely people to read our heartfelt messages to our MoC’s. Even if they just read an angry note, we can still be kind to them. Remember: “When they go low, we go high.”

Nice things to do for yourself!

Exhausted from the chaos? Need to recharge? We recommend listening to the Self-Care Sunday podcasts hosted by Aditi Juneja, who is also co-creator of You can get the podcast on iTunes for free , or listen here as well. If we like her work, we can support her through Patreon here.

(Thanks to Jen Hofmann, Rogan’s List, Michele at Small Deeds Done, Alison and Stephanie, newletter, photos from friends and the great sea of the internet)

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