If Mueller is Fired, we WILL (Flash Mob) Protest. Details here!

In the event of Trump firing special counsel, Robert Mueller, Venturans are prepared to hold a FLASH MOB PROTEST for the day when this move occurs.

(Co-sponsored by GrassrootsVentura and Indivisible Ventura. Similar events are being planned throughout the nation.)

Clearly the firing of Mueller would be an attempt to quash the investigation of Trump and his campaign. This would make the firing an obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense, and probably a partial admission of guilt by POTUS.

Protestors will thus be standing up for American Justice, the Constitution’s systems of checks and balances, and calling for the impeachment of DJT.

As soon as such news breaks, Rapid Resistance Protestors will begin to assemble at the corner of Telephone & Victoria, by the Ventura County Government Center. Participants should start getting their signs made now.

No specific date can be posted here at this time. However, as soon as the news of the firing is made public, we must be ready to assemble beginning at 3:00 PM.

We will update Facebook, Twitter, and will attempt to reach all of you as soon as possible the day the news is released. Stand at READY RESISTANCE TEAM! Check your text messages and emails frequently for Mueller updates and to hear our call to action. Send your phone number or email to: grassrootsventura@gmail.com

Participants should wear

comfortable shoes, carry homemade signs and/or American flags, and be prepared to follow all laws. Remember we are fueled by patriotism. Please contact us below, or by messenger, if you plan to join us for.

Parking available in the adjacent parking lots and on side streets.

Read more about the possibility of Robert Mueller getting fired:




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