Today – Wednesday! Learn how to help create new Americans (& new voters!)…

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 5.37.36 PMI’ve been to a lot of lectures in my life, but this one, given by our local immigration lawyer, Vanessa Frank, on how someone becomes a citizen of our country, was absolutely fascinating. You cannot come out of it without a new sense of respect for all those people you see at citizenship swearing-in ceremonies.

Learning how to help immigrants fill out the N400 Citizenship Application form is, in itself, a civics lesson, a history lesson and a profound insight into the human journey that ends with the privilege of calling oneself an “American”. 

Once you’ve taken this training, you’re ready to help people through the paperwork at local Citizenship fairs. The next fair is Sunday, July 30. You do not need to speak Spanish or use a computer! All you’ll need is paper, pen (and “White-out”…remember that?) and the willingness to help.

Contact Shannon Lopez at (805) 990-5214 for more information or to RSVP for the training this evening. Here’s the Facebook event link:

This event is run by Vanessa Frank, SEIU and CAUSE and is hosted by ALMA. RSVP to

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