This Week in Resistance – “Collusion isn’t Illegal!” Edition

There are some dark forces at work here. So let’s review our strongest weapon, one that we can wield every day like a short rectangular wand…

Yes, it is your humble, yet amazing phone!


How do I know who to phone or what to say?
Click here.
Calling people I don’t know gives me hives. Really!
Click here.
Why do I need to call? All my representatives are Democrats.
Click here.
I have a life, you know. I don’t have time to make these calls every day
Yesterday, we posted the Friday 10-minute Resistance Diet. It consisted of 3 issues for our senators and 2 for our representative, plus 2 written regulatory comments. If one keeps the written comments short and pithy, it can be done in LESS than 10 minutes. I used the spare time to call a few more of Feinstein’s offices.
Why do I need to do this? Aren’t there enough of you people doing this already?
What the GOP is doing can cost you thousands of dollars, a bankruptcy, or even your health, your life or the life of someone you care about. Pretty big stakes. Yeah, we’re crazy committed, but we can’t personally make the thousands of calls a day that are necessary to make the GOP nervous. Please jump in. It gets faster and easier. It makes you powerful.
Here’s the latest comparison between the ACA and the GOP plan.
Click here.
Here’s how Trump can make us miserable even if the GOP can’t get the votes they need.
Click here.
Calling is way easier than doing this.
Click here.
Does all this calling really have any effect?
Yes. Click here.
Remember, we’re not one person, standing alone, like this guy…
(From Michele at Small Deeds Done) “See – he was just an everyday, regular person….And because of censorship restrictions in China, he may not even know about the images of him, or that Time Magazine named him one of the century’s “top revolutionaries”.
But – and this is the really important part – he wasn’t a revolutionary.
He was guy who had just finished his shopping.
And that’s why he’s so inspiring. An everyday citizen’s ability to stand up and say “no more” inspires us, because we are just like him.
Since the election I have been electrified and inspired by the thousands upon thousands of everyday Americans who are doing exactly what Tank Man did: standing in the face of a beheamoth government that has the power and intention to bulldoze them.
Without formal training, without experience – without a blueprint to work from, we have stood shoulder to shoulder and pushed back. Nobody thought we’d make it very far, frankly. But we’re still going, and it’s still working.”

We do have help. Those with the power to skewer our most powerful have been doing their part.

So other than their normal destruction of our democracy and healthcare, what should we be focusing on?

The money, of course.

Once again, Orrin Hatch has NOT invited us to his party.
A group of progressive organizations are organizing an email campaign in response to Orrin Hatch, the head of the Senate Finance Committee, inviting “stakeholders” to advise them on how best to reform the tax system. Wait a minute…Isn’t that us? We must respond by July 17! Click here and tell them your great ideas for a more equitable system.

The GOP wants to get back to tax “reform”…
Republicans are in a rush to pass Wealthcare so that they can get on to cutting taxes for themselves and their wealthy friends. They haven’t forgotten Mic Mulvaney’s little speech about cutting $4.1 trillion from social services as an act of “compassion” for wealthy taxpayers.

They want to gut Social Security. Maybe use the money on some stupid wall
The annual report of the Social Security board of Trustees shows that Social Security has a large surplus―$2.8 trillion now, rising to about $2.9 trillion by 2019, according to Social Security Works. The Center on Budget & Policy Priorities points out that repealing and replacing the ACA would speed the depletion of the Medicare trust fund and challenges the instability of SSDI spending claimed by Mick Mulvaney, OBM director.

They’re secretly influencing every part of our government for their own gain.
A loophole in US campaign finance law allows elected officials, including our President to work with dark money organizations to push their agendas, including supporting or opposing Cabinet nominees, judicial nominees, and policies. Five of these organizations spent more than $14 million to buy Gorsuch a Supreme Court seat. Dark money organizations are nonprofits that don’t have to disclose their donors to the public.

They’re also pushing their influence into our homes, so we’ll stop fighting them.

They would like us to turn war over to corporations to run.
Last Saturday, Bannon apparently persuaded Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who is engaged in a review of Afghanistan policy, to meet with Erik D. Prince, founder of the infamous private security firm Blackwater Worldwide (and brother of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos) and Stephen A. Feinberg, owner of the military contractor DynCorp International.  Their proposal: privatize the war in Afghanistan by turning it over to for-profit contractors like themselves. What could go wrong?

They are continuing to sabotage the ACA.
The House Appropriations Committee has approved a 2018 spending bill which would no longer allow the IRS to enforce the ACA’s insurance mandate. The mandate is necessary to ensure that healthy individuals are also contributing to the insurance pool, resulting in reasonable prices for healthcare coverage, and preventing the insurance market from collapsing.

These and a lot of other issues will be showing up in our Daily Action Calls. You can see we need all the help you can give. And you can do it with a cat on your lap! 

Things to Track:

The  “Weekly Authoritarian list” of all the not-normal things that happened last week by Amy Siskind. The Library of Congress has recognized the historical importance of her work and so do we. She is our memory.

What we know and don’t know about hate crimes in America (ProPublica)

Reading List:

G20: Does Trump’s awkward performance indicate America’s decline as world power?
A sobering, necessary take on Russia’s long game (Politico).
The real risks of using Crosscheck to “verify” voters (Rolling Stone).
The man behind the federal voter “integrity” panel (NY Times Magazine).
Naomi Klein on the dangers of Democrats embracing Centrism (Slate)
Democrats need a clear, compelling social contract to win (Medium).
A hopeful opinion about how everyday citizens influence governmental change (NYT).
A Republican muses on the importance of civility (The Atlantic).
Brain biology and why we’re addicted to news (Paste).
Theology That Could Make Religious Freedom a Thing of the Past (TexasObserver)
Why single payer is now for real (The Intercept)

Environmental Readings:
Climate Change: Will the earth be too hot for humans (NY Mag)
We are not alarmed enough about climate change (Slate)
I don’t believe in climate change (presbyearthcare)
Sixth mass extinction: The era of ‘biological annihilation’ (CNN)

(Thanks as always to the amazing Jen Hofmann, Rogan’s List, Michele at small deeds done, 2 hours a week, other great bloggers and the great internet of information.)

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