“Recklessly Indifferent”…

“The Washington Post has calculated the number of deaths as a result of the repeal of Obamacare at 43,000 per year—the near equivalent of total American lives lost in the Vietnam War, every single year. These figures are all of public record—they aren’t a mystery to Republicans.”

There are several other sources and calculations ranging from 28,000 to 100,000 a year, here and here. We picked one fairly conservative estimate that puts the additional death toll at 217,000 by the end of 2026. We then added that number to a wikipedia graph of American military casualities to see how the War-On-The-Rest-Of-Us stacks up. Over 10 years, the GOP’s plan makes a respectable showing by disposing of more of us than World War I.

war dead

Republican and conservative supporters of the House and Senate repeal bills have made magical-thinking claims that nothing of this sort will happen. Bernie drove Orrin Hatch into denying that the GOP were “murdering” people, causing reporters to research terms like”recklessly indifferent’, “depraved-indifference”, “premeditated”, and “manslaughter”, words not normally associated with a “healthcare” bill.

We’ve been given a little time because the CBO report was so bad. It’s time to flex your power.

Call them!

Call your own senators. They are the only ones who will tally your calls and they need the numbers. But there’s nothing to stop you from calling every one of their branch offices, every day. That would be 11 calls a day total for our CA senators.

If you want to do MORE, something in ADDITION to daily calls, try some suggestions here. (Rogan’s List) 


General healthcare calling scripts, how to make calls when you really hate calling, and definitions of terms here.

Medicaid script here.

Planned Parenthood defense scripts here.

Get your friends and family in states with senators that have important votes to call here.


tinyurl.com/Joe-Friday-would-like this


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