Your Weekly Dose of Sanity-saving Good News!

We made big leaps this week with the stupid border wall, climate change, immigration, voting, and women’s rights. Also, believe it or not, Trump’s greatest accomplishment is actually a good thing! Gotta love those unintended consequences!

Don’t Frack with our future! The Ventura Climate March became a GIANT art instillation – we hiked up our vertical Botanical Gardens in coordinated bright colors to become a human thermometer. With drones flying overhead and photographers hiking all over the opposite hillside, some stunning pics should come out of the celebration. Watch the Facebook page for them!

Buh-bye Border Wall! The government spending bill will not include funds for the wallLawmakers in border states are united against this stupid wall, why go on? Our action calls are working!

California won’t back down: Trump’s order to defund sanctuary cities was blocked by a U.S. District Court Judge in San Francisco. Continue to fight for California’s Sanctuary Bill by making your phone calls – action item here.

Voters won’t back down either! A new poll showed 63% of Democrats nationwide feel “very excited” about voting in 2018, and they’ll have plenty of choices in the primary: There’s a 58% increase in Democratic candidates.

In fact, Trump’s greatest achievement so far? He has sparked one of the greatest surges of American citizen action in half a century!

Good news in the battle for reproductive rights: A federal judge signed an order to keep Kentucky’s only abortion clinic open. Thanks to the ACLU, and Tennessee’s attorney general ­­agreed to stop enforcing an unconstitutional two-abortion limit.

North Carolina’s resistance may go on!: The state government rejected a bill targeting protesters, and a Republican judge resigned to protest his party’s behavior—and to allow the governor to appoint a Democrat to replace him.


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