This Week in Resistance: Upcoming Events, Ongoing Actions and More!

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April 4thIndivisible National Web Seminar: Reclaim Recess Round 2

April 7thResistance Light Brigade in Ventura

April 15thDemand Trump’s Tax Returns March – Los Angeles

April 22nd
– March for Science
 –Santa Barbara – Los Angeles – Washington DC
In advance, email your story to about how scientists serve their communities, whether that’s by saving lives, protecting communities, or advancing public interest.

April 23rdDemocratic Club of Ventura Meeting

April 24th – National Free Press Appreciation Day Petition and Rally

April 29thPeople’s Climate MarchLos AngelesSanta Barbara

Let us know if you have an event to add by emailing us at Same e-mail if you are interested in carpooling to any event – we’ll do our best to hook you up!

New and Ongoing Actions

Swing these States!
No matter where we live we can help change the face of Congress by helping with upcoming special elections. Here are some current opportunities:

April 11: James Thompson is seeking election to the 4th Congressional District of Kansas. Sign up here to help.

April 18: Jon Ossoff is seeking election to the 6th Congressional District of Georgia. Sign up here to help.

April 25: Rob Quist is seeking election to the sole Congressional District of Montana. Sign up here to help.

Entitlements for Rich People – Read this article – you’ll want to let our legislators know that we want these corporate subsidies to be reduced, not human services ones.
However imperfectly, subsidies for the poor do actually reduce hunger, ease suffering and create opportunity, while subsidies for the rich result in more private jets and yachts. Would we rather subsidize opportunity or yachts?

Let’s keep calling all of our legislators for an independent investigation of the Trump/Russia connection. Let’s let them know that we are part of the majority of Americans who want this.  Ask Julia Brownley to support H.R. 356 which would set up a 12-member commission that would be tasked with investigating foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Let’s join Rep. Schiff in asking Rep. Nunes to recuse himself from the House Intelligence Committee probe into the Trump/Russia situation following his unorthodox handling of investigation.  Let’s contact Julia Brownley and urge her to do the same.

Use this Google doc to contact (options here for calling, tweeting, mailing, etc.) the members of the House Intelligence Committee to A) Demand an Independent Investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia, B) Get Rep. Devin Nunes off the Committee, and C) **You can also demand that they hold OPEN HEARINGS on anything related to #TrumpRussia!**

Internet Privacy
Senate voted 50-48 to undo FCC’s broadband privacy rules. This bill would allow internet service providers (ISPs) to sell user data, including browsing history and location data, without user consent. Now the bill heads to the House.  Let’s make sure this does not pass in the House. Let’s call our reps and tell them we oppose H.J. Res 86 and S.J. Res 34 and that we want to preserve our legal rights to consumer online privacy.

H.Res. 186- a resolution of inquiry asking that the Secretary of Treasury release ten years of Trump’s tax returns to the House of Representatives. Call Julia Brownley and ask her to co-sponsor H.Res. 186. You can also call Ways and Means Committee Chairman Brady to tell him that you agree that Trump’s tax returns need to be released.

Fake News
Let’s encourage our local schools to up their teaching of evaluating sources and ferreting out fake news like this school does 

Corporate Responsibility Actions is calling on us all to divest our funds in banks that fund the pipeline and to put pressure on banks still invested in DAPL to stop. 

Sleeping Giants has an updated action item in their fight against Amazon’s advertising with Breitbart. They are asking that we: 1) Find an Amazon ad on Breitbart, featuring another company’s product, 2) Tweet it to the company and @amazon mentioning that Amazon is putting their brand at risk by placing them next to inflammatory content, and 3) Tag @slpng_giants so that they can amplify. Here’s the list of companies that have stopped advertising on Breitbart due to Sleeping Giant’s diligence – 1,759 of them – and counting!

Our Dilettante President
Trump has been away from the White House about a third of the time he has been in office.  While away from the WH, there is no requirement that a log be kept of his guests. A bill was introduced Friday by Sen. Udall (N.M.) et al, called the Make Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act — or MAR-A-LAGO Act (S 721). The bill would require the Trump administration to release public visitor logs for both the White House “or any other location where President Trump regularly conducts official business.” A similar bill was introduced in the House. Let’s let our legislators know we agree with this.

Delay Gorsuch for SCOTUS
Let’s call on our senators to delay confirmation of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court until the investigation into Trump/Russia is complete.

Keystone Pipeline
Trump approved the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline this week. This is not a good move for the environment or for the economy.  After it is built, this Canadian venture will employ only 35 workers. TransCanada, the company behind the Keystone XL pipeline, must still get approval to route the pipeline through Nebraska and the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) is taking public comments now. Let’s join the Sierra Club and speak up against this.

Cuts to the EPA will hurt our citizens. The impact will be measured in illnesses and deaths.  Contact your legislators to voice your concerns about these cuts.

The yellow “Energy Star” rating tag that we all look for when we shop for new appliances may be on the way out. Despite the fact that it has saved us consumers hundreds of billions of dollars in appliances, the energy needed to run them, and has benefited the environment as well, this program is part of the proposed budget cuts to the EPA. Let’s let our legislators know that we want to keep those little yellow tags….for us and for the environment.


Call the local offices of your legislators and ask what the security process is for letters and postcards. From what a subscriber has told us those items that are mailed to DC offices gets processed centrally where they open, security check, then scan into storage. The Rep gets his scanned view in about a week – postcard or letter. Then receives the physical copy within a month. Since we will be doing this even more regularly, lets find out the best way to address our concerns via snail mail. Report back to us what you find out.

Ever wonder what happens after we sign an online petition? What happens after the deadline can certainly vary, but check out what PBS Kids did with their signatures. Let’s find ways to be as creative! Send us your ideas here.

Postcard our STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL in support of the investigation into Exxon. The Attorneys General are investigating whether Exxon discovered decades ago that human behavior is causing a rise in global temperatures and then lied about it.  Find state attorneys general here.


Let’s sign this petition to tell the Republicans to stop attacking Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare

We all know that “right to work” laws are shams. And now, we learn that Trump has indicated “the president believes in ‘right-to-work’” and he wants to do “what’s in the best interest of job creators.” Let’s sign here and let them know that we believe in the best interest of the workers.

Let’s join the Rainforest Action Network’s efforts to have bank CEOs defund the XL pipeline.

Compelling Articles

“A Recharge Toolkit” 

An in-depth look at which reps stopped the healthcare bill 

Check out the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) write up in response to Trump’s first list of suspected crimes by immigrants

This is the gerrymandering case to watch

What is next for Repeal and Replace? 

With GOP Plan Dead, Trump Eyes Other Ways to Reshape Healthcare 

The Problem isn’t Obamacare, it’s the Insurance Companies 

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