We Lost Our First Healthcare Battle – Here’s How We Win the War: The 14 Congressmen we are “Dying” to Meet.

GAME ON! Update: We now have three die-ins scheduled – click in to join us!

We knew they had finally gotten all the support they needed when they announced they were bringing this monstrosity to a vote yesterday. In fact, they got 14 of the votes they needed from us, from California.  Now this circus of tragedies moves on to the Senate and we are lucky that our Senators, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, are on our side (though we will be reminding them both that we are watching). But we’re a minority there too.

So now, what do we do about these 14 California congresspeople (see the list below) who cheerfully sold out women, older people, the sick, those with pre-existing conditions, Planned Parenthood and special needs kids to insurance company lobbyists, wealthy donors and a President who counts a “win” over a promise?

We fight them, of course! 

This will be a personal fight. We will all be dealing with the fallout of what happened today.

This will be a moral fight. No one deserves to be bankrupted after a lifetime of work because insurance companies executives demand a higher profit margin. More importantly, no one deserves to die of a treatable condition in a first world country because they can’t afford care.

So we will fight them, in a variety of ways. Don’t worry, there are enough battlefields for everyone.

– We will make their lives miserable with media events such as die-ins. 
– We will add to chanting crowds outside their Town Halls, if they ever dare to have one again.
– We will help their districts replace them with reasonable, responsible representatives. We’ll need people to help phone bank, and walk precincts.
– We’ll build bridges to people who voted for Trump because they believed his bogus healthcare promises.

This is going to involve time, people, and transportation.

What can you do to help?

Read this. This is a one strategy…

– Will you be a “Die-In” Captain and coordinate the organizational effort?
– Will you help drive people to other districts to provide more people power?
– Will you participate in peaceful demonstrations in these members’ districts?
– Will you commit to phone banking for their opposition?
– Will you commit to precinct walking for their opposition?
– Will you write letters to the Editor?
– Will you participate in a coordinated social media campaign?
– Keep up-to-date with your local Indivisible chapter. We will be publishing protest opportunities. Send them in if you see some before we do to indivisibleventura@gmail.com

Send in your name and what you are willing do, plus any additional great ideas to indivisibleventura@gmail.com.

Politics is a messy business. We’re not sure if this whole thing was stage-managed to help Trump get his “win”, or to divert our attention away from the EPA mess, the regulation fiddling or even the Russian fiasco.

But we’re taking them all on.

Welcome to the Resistance!

The 14 Congresspeople we are just “dying” to meet (and a note from Indivisible National about how this all works!): Continue reading “We Lost Our First Healthcare Battle – Here’s How We Win the War: The 14 Congressmen we are “Dying” to Meet.”