Time for some Fox-sequences. Report their COVID lies to the FTC.

Join this guy in stopping Fox News’ lies about the Covid vaccine! He’d made it really easy to help.

(From Dean Obeidallah) “This is special edition of my newsletter given the dangerous lies that many-although not all—Fox News hosts have been spewing about the Covid vaccine.

On Tuesday, July 20, I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against Fox News for possible violations of the Covid-19 Consumer Protection Act. That law, enacted in December 2020, makes it “unlawful” for a corporation or individual “to engage in a deceptive act or practice in or affecting commerce associated with the treatment, cure, prevention, mitigation, or diagnosis of COVID–19.”

My goal in filing this complaint is to prompt the FTC to investigate and bring an end to the apparently deceptive information Fox News has been selling to the consumers of its channel. Given the FTC’s expanded powers under the new Covid-19 Consumer Protection Act to protect the public from deceptive information related to the treatment or prevention of Covid-19, I believe this complaint fits squarely within the spirit of its new mandate. Fox News is a for-profit business that is selling its product — information — to the public in exchange for cable subscription fees.

The FTC is the perfect agency to protect the public from any person or entity peddling false information about Covid-19 vaccines in pursuit of pecuniary gain. I wrote in detail about the legal basis for the claim, the sources that prove Fox News hosts lied about the Covid vaccine and the need for an investigation in my new MSNBC op-ed out today that you can read HERE. 

My hope though is that YOU will also file a complaint with the FTC—it literally will take you less than five minutes. Info is below. Let’s not just get angry about the dangerous lies Fox News is spreading that is potentially killing people, let’s do something about it!

ACTION #1: File an FTC complaint:

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Wed 6/20: Zero-schmero – Trump blinked!

(Quote from the Rev. Dr. Barber, Poor Peoples Campaign.)

His “reality” show ratings are down…SAD!

Despite his assertions that the child-separation trauma is all controlled by Democrats, Trump has written a stop-work order on his kidnapping/hostage scheme. (CNNThe Hill LATimes,). He’s still going to imprison kids, just together with their parents. Doesn’t matter. Still completely wrong and un-American.

Continue to do the basics of resistance. This is far from over.

Every day, more inspired actions come up, along with the legislative calls that are making the GOP nervous. Pile it on, people, pile it on!

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