Remember the work we did for the 2020 election? Time to do it again for democracy itself.

Join one of these four campaigns to help push through S.1- “For the People” Act.

The S-1 For the People Act is an ambitious Democratic proposal that includes provisions like: making it easier to register to vote, expanding early voting nationwide, attempting to end political gerrymandering and supporting statehood for the District of Columbia. Some polls have found that a majority of Americans support many of the provisions currently in the bill.” (Here’s a quick primer on S.1 – For the People Act.)

Find a call campaign that fits your schedule and roll up your sleeves! Are you an introvert who really hates calling people? Well, that may actually be your super-power! Check this link out and find out why…


Fair Fight Club founder Stacey Abrams:Today I’m launching Hot Call Summer— because in order to pass the For The People Act, we need your help to make sure our Senators know how important this legislation is to you.

So far this year, 47 state legislatures have introduced at least 361 bills that would make it harder to vote. Fair Fight Action is launching nationwide advocacy efforts in support of urgently needed federal voting rights laws like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and S.1, the For the People Act. We need your help to call voters in states across the country to hear their voting experiences. Through these stories you will help collect, Fair Fight Action and our partners will demonstrate to Congress the need for enhanced federal protections to ensure all eligible voters are able to cast their vote freely and make their voices heard, regardless of where they live.” 

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