Phone Banking for the rest of us…

If you’re wondering how you can help S.1 get over Mount Manchin and Sinema, reaching out to their own constituents through phonebanking and text banking and asking them to call the senators’ offices, is the most powerful action you can take. Yes, elected officials like to stay elected, and they do pay attention to unhappy voter calls.

For those of us who are phone-phobic, we’re leaving up this very helpful video from Kathryn Grody and her husband, some guy named Mandy Patinkin, (“Inconceivable!“) to break it down and dispel your fears.

WAIT!!! DON’T ZIP ON PAST THIS! Yes, us introverts were effective door-knockers before COVID-19, and we can become successful phonebankers too! But since we’re the kind of people who want to KNOW WHAT WE’RE GETTING INTO BEFORE WE DO ANYTHING, we’ve put up some videos, even one especially for people like us. (But we know you’ll be studying all three!) We can do this!