(3) Energy actions: Local, state and federal.

Three news items we noticed within the last two days…

  1. 600,000 gallons of Canadian tar sands crude just spilled out of the Keystone pipeline into a Kansas river. This type of oil is the hardest to remediate, as the sticky gunk sinks to the bottom. (Who profits?) (CA’s oil is even dirtier!)
  2. Firmageddon‘: Researchers find 1.1 million acres of dead trees in Oregon as the climate change heats up the earth.
  3. (Politico) “Even though Big Oil CEOs admitted to my Committee that their products are causing a climate emergency, today’s documents reveal that the industry has no real plans to clean up its act and is barreling ahead with plans to pump more dirty fuels for decades to come,” Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said in a statement.

Action #1: LOCAL – #DeclineToSign! Watch out for paid signature-gatherers trying to reverse SB 1137 – humane setbacks from oil wells. (Deadline Dec. 15)

This video posted below is from 2017. SB1137, just signed by Gov. Newsom, would create a 3200 foot margin between people and oil production…unless it’s stopped by the oil industry’s multi-million dollar referendum, now in the signature-gathering stage!

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What would Carmen do when faced with environmental injustice?

She fought it fiercely, but now it’s our turn. And you can do all these actions in your coffee break if you prep your phone – we show you how here.
Q: But why do I have to call my legislators? They’re all Democrats. Answer here.

  • Action #1 (State): Call your CA state senator TODAY and tell them to vote “NO” on SB 396.
  • Action #2 (State) : Call/email your CA state legislators to vote “YES” on the following environmental bills…
  • Action #3 (Federal): Fixing the “Inflation Reduction Act” – Can you say “sacrifice zone?”

Sierra Club Santa Barbara-Ventura Chapter: Tribute to Carmen Ramirez

In oil counties like SB and Ventura, where if we win it is with narrow 3-2 Supervisor votes, where oil companies spend $8 million on county initiatives (as they did in June in Ventura) and sue the county (as they are doing in both counties right now), it takes superstars like Carmen to set us on the clean energy path and not double down on increasingly carbon-intensive fossil fuel infrastructure. My hope is that we can step up our state game to lighten the load. Read more from members who have known and loved her on the following blog post here. (Tribute post here)

Katie Davis, Chapter Board Chair

Action #1 (State): Call your CA state senator TODAY and tell them to vote “NO” on SB 396.

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Wednesday, 10/20 – “Dear Joe, is an inevitable tragedy an accident?”

10/20 Action: Write him and ask.

Sample letter: Dear Joe,

Californians awoke to another “accident” – a beach covered in oil, dead fish and wildlife. An anchor snagged a pipeline, leaking 588 barrels of oil. It joins 17 similar incidents, and more will come as the storms of climate change blow ships off-course, anchors dragging.

Is Enbridge’s next catasphrophe an “accident?” This foreign corporation, with 800 spills in the last 15 years, including our nation’s worst inland oil spill, has already breached an aquifer constructing Line 3, and spilled drilling fluid 28 times. Its line carries Canada’s tar sands oil – toxic sludge born in the destruction of boreal forests, whose first tears are acid rain, and whose waste – petcokepoisons poorer countries and shreds our atmosphere. And between its birth and its burning, it crosses 227 water bodies, until human error, frost heave, or corrosion allow it to drift to the bottom, poisonous and unrecoverable.

Can actuaries quantify the risk to rice fields noted in records from the 1600’s, rice so sacred that it’s the first plant species in the US to be granted legal personhood, with legal rights to “flourish, regenerate, and evolve” in “pure water and freshwater habitat” and “a healthy climate.” How about the risk of poisoning Lake Superior, drinking water for 40 million? 

Joe, stop this pipeline in the name of Native treaties, the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, the National Historic Preservation Act, the EO on the Protection of Sacred Sites and the “disproportionate and adverse impacts” on Native people noted in the EIS.

Stop this pipeline for the Paris Accords. Even without the CEPP, preventing 50 new coal plants’ or 38 million additional cars worth of greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere every year for the next three to five decades and a “social cost of carbon” to MN of $287 billion, is significant.

Stop this pipeline BEFORE the inevitable “accident” occurs, and we’re forced to quantify irreparable loss.

Contact Joe here: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

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Wednesday, 10/13 – “Dear Joe, did you mean what you said about listening to Indigenous peoples?”

Action: Write him and ask.

If you haven’t done Monday’s tasks yet, go here.

Today’s letter to Joe is a riff on what he promised in his proclamation declaring Indigenous People’s Day. Use what you want of it, or better yet, read the proclamation, and use your own voice.

Dear Joe,

In your proclamation, you wrote “…History demonstrates that Native American people — and our Nation as a whole — are best served when Tribal governments are empowered to lead their communities and when Federal officials listen to and work together with Tribal leaders when formulating Federal policy that affects Tribal NationsThe Federal Government has a solemn obligation to lift up and invest in the future of Indigenous people and empower Tribal Nations to govern their own communities and make their own decisions...”

I read it through several times and was struck by the evident respect and admiration for our nation’s Indigenous peoples. I’m writing to ask if you meant what you said. If your words were real. Actionable.

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Actions to take on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

(And all week as well…)

  • Action #1: Make it official – remove Columbus Day from the books.
  • Action #2 Sign a proclamation of opposition to LIne 3
  • Action #3: Write to Jamie Pinkham of the Army Corp of Engineers
  • Action #4: Write to Joe.

Read Biden’s proclamation on Indigenous People’s Day, 2021, here, the first ever issued by an American president. Then, read why a lynching in 1891 of eleven Italians immigrants in New Orleans led to a holiday for a problematic man who never set foot in America. Another story we didn’t learn in school…

Action #1: Make it official – remove Columbus Day from the books.

HR 5473/S.2919 designates Indigenous People’s Day as a legal public holiday the second Monday in October and replaces any wording related to Columbus Day with “Indigenous People’s Day.”

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Rep./Sen. [___] to support and approve (Rep. – HR 5473/Sen. – S.2919) – Indigenous Peoples’ Day Act.
(Or thank the legislators who’ve already cosponsored these bills. Everyone likes being thanked!)

  • H.R. 5473 cosponsors here. Brownley hasn’t signed on yet, Carbajal has.
  • S.2919 cosponsors here. Feinstein hasn’t signed on yet, Padilla has.
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