Actions to take on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

(And all week as well…)

  • Action #1: Make it official – remove Columbus Day from the books.
  • Action #2 Sign a proclamation of opposition to LIne 3
  • Action #3: Write to Jamie Pinkham of the Army Corp of Engineers
  • Action #4: Write to Joe.

Read Biden’s proclamation on Indigenous People’s Day, 2021, here, the first ever issued by an American president. Then, read why a lynching in 1891 of eleven Italians immigrants in New Orleans led to a holiday for a problematic man who never set foot in America. Another story we didn’t learn in school…

Action #1: Make it official – remove Columbus Day from the books.

HR 5473/S.2919 designates Indigenous People’s Day as a legal public holiday the second Monday in October and replaces any wording related to Columbus Day with “Indigenous People’s Day.”

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Rep./Sen. [___] to support and approve (Rep. – HR 5473/Sen. – S.2919) – Indigenous Peoples’ Day Act.
(Or thank the legislators who’ve already cosponsored these bills. Everyone likes being thanked!)

  • H.R. 5473 cosponsors here. Brownley hasn’t signed on yet, Carbajal has.
  • S.2919 cosponsors here. Feinstein hasn’t signed on yet, Padilla has.
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