Mon. 10/28: Message from Sierra Club’s Jim Hines – Protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining.

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Action #1: Ask your legislators to vote yes on HR 1373 – Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act

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(Letter from Jim Hines – Sierra Club, Los Padres Chapter)
Good Morning Friends:
 It is a warm beautiful Autumn day on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, trees are turning Autumn colors, birds chirp , a deer herd browses and all is serene and quiet, but serene and quiet not for long.
An application has been filed with the U.S. Secretary of the Interior to allow for a number of uranium mines to go into production on the north rim of the Grand Canyon this coming Spring, violating one of America’s most sacred natural shrines, the Grand Canyon. The stage is set and the saga to save the Grand Canyon from uranium mining started four years ago when President Obama signed an executive order banning any type of mining in and around the Grand Canyon, last year President Trump signed a order lifting that ban. And now we are before congress.
We have countered the mine application request with our own application to congress which has been turned into a congressional bill  (HR 1373, introduced by our good friend congressman Raul Grijalva D-Arizona) to give permanent protection to the Grand Canyon and not allow the mines. HR 1373 will be voted on by the full House Committee on Natural Resources on October 30th.

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