Sat 10/26: So much to do! 3 state actions – there’s something for everyone. Find your favorite way to connect with fellow voters and reach out!

Just because there aren’t any elections happening around here, doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of need for your help a couple of states over. So take some time this weekend and assist in one of these campaigns!
 (See this weekend’s LOCAL events here.)

Action #1: For the writers –  Reach out to voters in Virginia to ask them to make that trip to the polls… You can help! – Deadline Oct. 29th.

vote forward

Things are getting heated & nasty in Virginia—which can only mean that Republicans are scared of losing the November 5 elections.

Vote Forward has less than a week—until Tuesday, October 29—to assign, write, prep and send nearly 50,000 letters to Virginia voters who almost always vote for Democrats, but who have an inconsistent history of voting and need a last-minute reminder that they need to cast their ballots.

Sign up to send 5 letters here. It’s SO EASY, you guys!! And these letters have been proven in studies to increase turnout significantly!

If you’d rather be a caller: Phone banking – 20 Dial A Day Challenge between now and GOTV on Nov 5. Sign up here.

Action #2: For the callers – Reach out to other voters  in IA,ME, CO NC, & TX to make this impeachment happen. You can help from your couch! Shifts available through Nov. 6th.


Indivisible National has a plan to improve our prospects of a fair trial in the Senate, similar to the one that helped us save the ACA.  They’ve set up a hubdialer to enable us to call other voters in key states with GOP Senators. We can talk to them about letting their senators know that they expect a fair trial in the Senate and then, even better,  we can connect them directly to their senators’ offices. The hubdialer should make this really easy. All you need is a phone and computer or tablet. You can sign up for one or more shifts here.

Read Indivisible’s guide here and help reach and mobilize constituents across the country. Sign up now and they’ll send you everything you need to start calling into target states and connecting voters directly to their senators!

Action #3: For everybody – writers, callers, and on-the-ground canvassers – Kentucky, home of Mitch McConnell, needs a new governor and lieutenant governor…

Election in Nov. 5th. Postcards due in mail by Oct. 29th. 


Kentucky may be red now, but it’s the bluegrass state – let’s help it show its rightful color! In a November 5 election, Democrat Andy Beshear is running for Governor against Republican incumbent Matt Bevin. The election is predicted to be very close; you can help Beshear, along with candidate for Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman and the entire Democratic ticket, win this critical horse race. Learn more at this link about Beshear, currently the state Attorney General. And see why even the GOP candidate who lost the primary to Bevin has endorsed Beshear!

What you can do:

  • Make phone calls from the comfort of your couch (invite friends for a phone bank party) – the Kentucky Democratic Party will provide a script and key points about Beshear and his platform for Kentucky. Have real conversations with voters about why the election, and their votes, matter. More info and sign up at this link.
  • Write postcards for Beshear and the Democratic slate: Postcards to Voters’ campaign in support of the entire slate of Democrats running in this election. Click here for all info, newbies as well as experienced P2V writers are welcome! You’ll need to mail the cards by Oct. 29.
  • Can you travel to Kentucky, or do you know people who live there? Join Working America on the ground – they’re canvassing six days a week and then the final four days before the election. If you have questions, contact Fran Schreiberg at, or text at (510) 333-9907.

Extra credit!:  Fill in a form to the Florida Bar to disbar Rep. Matt Gaetz for leading an illegal raid on the impeachment inquiry.

It’s easy. The form is online. Check out the simple instructions in Action #2 of Friday’s action here.

Rep. Gaetz (R-F) is the same congressman who sent out a threatening tweet to Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, and although he slipped through the Florida Bar investigation that time, they were not happy with his unprofessional behavior. Second time’s  the charm?

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