Mon 4/1: No, this is not a joke! The GOP wants to make fools into judges in two hours or less.

What’s old is new again…!

Action: Tell your senators to vote “NO” on S.Res. 50. 

The full title of the GOP’s S.Res.50 – “A resolution improving procedures for the consideration of nominations in the Senate.” is almost longer than the resolution itself, In the GOP’s haste to pack our courts, they want to truncate nomination deliberations from 30 hours to two. This is certainly more convenient for senators, but they get paid to protect us, so bring a cushion, snowflakes! The bill’s text doesn’t even bother to justify how rushing through inappropriate candidates for extremely powerful positions would be an improvement for us, the people.

Actually, after reading the short bios of the three nominees below, an actual improvement might be to expand hearings from 30 to 40 hours, – better to root out and expose the extremists, the ideologues, the unqualified and the incompetents that clog the GOP’s wish lists.

Minimal Script: I’m calling from [zip code] and I want Sen. [___] to vote “NO” on S.Res. 50 and strenously object to this disintegration of our court system. I also want her to vote “NO” on nominees Collins, Bress and Lee as being inappropriate additions to our justice system. Continue reading “Mon 4/1: No, this is not a joke! The GOP wants to make fools into judges in two hours or less.”

Tues – 11/27: It’s a busy day! Here’s your action prescription.

Here’s the synopsis of today’s actions. Do as much as you can. (More details below.)

  1. First thing – Call your legislators on horrible judge pick Thomas Farr
  2. Go to the Fairgrounds to protest gun shows
  3. Sign a petition against gun shows
  4. Email the Country Fair Board
  5. Go to the Oxnard City Council meeting tonight. Police Chief Whitney is presenting  a temporary moratorium on new firearms and ammunition retailers.

#1 – Morning Coffee Action – Make this call – “NO” on Thomas Farr for US District Judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina.


Continue reading “Tues – 11/27: It’s a busy day! Here’s your action prescription.”