Tues 2/25: Easiest election decision ever – vote for the mountain lions!

URGENT: Action is at 8:30 am this morning!

(A note from Jim Hines, team leader of the Sierra Club California Wildlife Team)

Greetings Friends:
The Sierra Club’s Mountain Lions FOREVER! campaign to protect the largest wild cats in California is asking each of you to support the following resolution before the Ventura county board of supervisors today (February 25) –  Agenda item # 37 with no time certain, but we can all speak at general public comment which is at 8:30 AM
Where: Ventura County Government Center at 800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura
Resolution: here.

Fri. – 4/27 – Yes, your phone calls do matter. Thank you.

Greetings Activists:

 YOU are amazing, YOU are inspiring, thanks to all of you for your dedicated efforts so far this year which has allowed us to win some major victories in protecting our environment.

YOU made the difference in getting the just-passed federal spending bill to include  funding for many environmental and national public lands programs even though the Administration asked for them not to be funded.

Your individual voice added with those of others across the nation has forced the Dept of the Interior to put on hold a planned massive increase in entrance fees to YOUR national parks.

Your efforts have stopped congressional legislation which would eliminate national parks, national monuments and other national public lands units, YOUR public lands.

YOU in your persistent letter writing, phone calls, and faxes plus face to face meetings with elected and appointed officials, speaking at public hearings and attending rallies made the difference.

YOU are the voice for the land which calls out for help, YOU are the voice for wildlife which is voiceless, YOU matter, YOUR voice made the difference and its shows. Continue reading “Fri. – 4/27 – Yes, your phone calls do matter. Thank you.”