Fri. – 4/27 – Yes, your phone calls do matter. Thank you.

Greetings Activists:

 YOU are amazing, YOU are inspiring, thanks to all of you for your dedicated efforts so far this year which has allowed us to win some major victories in protecting our environment.

YOU made the difference in getting the just-passed federal spending bill to include  funding for many environmental and national public lands programs even though the Administration asked for them not to be funded.

Your individual voice added with those of others across the nation has forced the Dept of the Interior to put on hold a planned massive increase in entrance fees to YOUR national parks.

Your efforts have stopped congressional legislation which would eliminate national parks, national monuments and other national public lands units, YOUR public lands.

YOU in your persistent letter writing, phone calls, and faxes plus face to face meetings with elected and appointed officials, speaking at public hearings and attending rallies made the difference.

YOU are the voice for the land which calls out for help, YOU are the voice for wildlife which is voiceless, YOU matter, YOUR voice made the difference and its shows.

 Your work alongside me on marine mammal protection, wilderness lands protections, the Protect Wild Utah campaign, national parks and national monuments protections, banning the use of nylon longline drift nets which entangle and kill marine mammals and endangered wildlife protection has inspired me to do even more.

I cannot tell you how many times elected officials have told me they received so many contacts from people like YOU on a issue that they took action based on your contact with them.

Yes, we still have a lot of work to do and we have very powerful adversaries but I am so grateful to each of YOU for the actions you took.

Requests for my email action alerts is now around 5000 or so email addresses from around the region where I live, around California and even from around the west. You are people who care and who take action. And many of you have shared, posted on social media and in newsletters my alerts helping to spread the word even further.

Thank you so much for your dedicated caring and hard work.

Our earth matters, wildlife matters and YOU make a major difference.

for the wild,

Jim Hines, Team Leader
Sierra Club California/Nevada Wildlife Team

Note from Indivisible Ventura!

For those who have been calling regularly, THANK YOU! You may have been doing it as a matter of faith, but it actually works.

If you haven’t yet started in this Indivisible campaign, of joining our single voices together into a powerful wave against the corruption set against us, well, you can start today.

We are asking you to join us in persistently insisting that our legislators, both GOP AND Democrats, actively work to do the right thing. For every issue that comes before them.

  • If you think voting for a Democrat is the only action you need to do, read this.
  • If you haven’t optimized your phone for fast dialing, do it now. A call takes about 10 seconds to make.
  • We’ll help you fill in the blanks. All you need to say is this…

    “(Hi, Good morning, etc…) I’m from zip code ______. I’m calling to (tell/ask) Senator/Rep ______ to vote“(NO,YES) on (Bill #_______).  Thanks! (Done! 10 seconds. Drink coffee.)


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