WANTED: Postcard writers for Washington DC statehood and the restoration of asylum.

First action every day this week: Call your senators and have red-state friends call theirs to convict and disqualify Trump. Scripts here.

Action #1: Washington D.C. is a living, breathing, racial and civil rights injustice and we need to fix it!

If you’re unfamiliar with the hundreds of years that DC residents have been denied statehood, along with the rights we take for granted, like representation along with taxation, the ability to make laws without federal interference, and being able to call up the National Guard when they need it, here’s our post with lots of information and great videos. (Also 51 for 51 and DCstatehoodcoalition.org ) Both the House and Senate have reintroduced bills to fix this, H.R.51 & S.51WashingtonD.C. Admission Act. Another important bill – H.R.1 – “For the People Act, declares, amongst many important voting reforms, “…that DC residents deserve full Congressional voting rights and self-government, which only statehood can provide.” (full text) (endorsements). We need to get all Democratic representatives and senators onboard both bills as cosponsors quickly as possible!

A member is printing up several thousand postcards!!! JOIN IN!

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There is no more time to wait! D.C. statehood NOW! YES on H.R.51/S.51 and H.R.1/S.1.

Updated: 2/12/21 – New postcard resources!

The recent insurrection clarified a serious issue…GOP refusal to vote for DC statehood last year put its residents in danger.

Phone/email and postcard scripts! Join in! LET’S COMMIT TO REVERSING THIS INJUSTICE NOW!
(Very enlightening interview with the D.C.’s shadow legislator – Sen. Paul Strauss. )

The residents of what is now the District of Columbia lost their full democratic rights to self-government and a government of, by and for the people over 221 years ago.  Ever since then, they have been demanding that Congress restore the full rights of American citizenship. Now, with future insurrectionists planning their next attacks, being without full rights is not just unjust. It’s also dangerous.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said, “We must get statehood on the President’s desk within the first 100 days of the 117th Congress. Congress must immediately transfer command of the District of Columbia National Guard from the President of the United States and put it squarely under the command and control of the District of Columbia.

Asked how she would have responded to the riot had she been a governor instead of a mayor, Bowser said, “We would not be restricted in any way for how to deploy the Guard, so we wouldn’t have to clear a deployment plan with the secretary of the Army.”

Call your legislators! – The Senate just introduced their own statehood bill – S.51

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] to thank Rep./Sen. [___] for being an original cosponsor for the [Rep. – HR.51/ Sen. – S.51] – Washington, D.C. Admission Act. I’m also requesting the Rep./Sen.[___] cosponsor [Rep. – H.R.1/Sen. S.1] – For the People Act of 2021, which includes support for DC statehood.

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Friday action wrap-up – D.C. statehood and House rules!

Action #1: Tell your representative to get rid of the “Motion to Recommit” and the “PayGo” rules

Our legislators are making decisions on these actions now! Read more from Indivisible here.

Minimal script: I’m calling from [zip code] to tell Rep. [___] to vote to remove two provisions that present a barrier to the progressive legislation we expect to see from [him/her): the “Motion to Recommit” (or “MTR”) and the “Pay as You Go rule” (or “PayGo”).

(Contact information at bottom)

Action #2: Tell your legislators that it’s time for D.C. statehood.

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