Friday Clean-up: Be a volunteer, calls on immigration and anti-choice bills.

Help people become citizens…and voters!

Here’s something we, as private citizens, can do to help our neighbors through a process that was usually much easier when many of our own families crossed into America. (Exceptions here)

Feb 1st: Train to be a Citizenship Fair Volunteer!

Come listen to an enlightening, frightening and often hilarious lecture from local immigration attorney Vanessa Frank on how to help a green card holder navigate successfully through their N-400 “Application for Naturalization” form. You do not need to be able to speak Spanish. Sign up for a shift at the next Citizenship Fair, Feb. 3rd. Also volunteers are needed to work with the children, do registration at the door, etc..

5-7 pm at the UU Church of Ventura. 5654 Ralston Street, Ventura.

Feb. 3rd: Citizenship Fair (There will be more!) 

Link for flyer here. Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm (sign up for available time shifts) at the Cesar E. Chavez Elementary School Cafeteria. 301 N. Marquite St. Oxnard, CA 93030

Tell any Green Card holders you know who are eligible to apply for citizenship to register for this Fair! 

The Fair itsef is free and applicants do not have to live in Ventura County. There are great immigration lawyers on-hand to assist the volunteers on any knotty problems that may be encountered. The applicants end up with a completed form, with required photos attached, ready to send in to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. Yes, this is a very big deal.

However, the first step is that they need to register here:

805UNITEDFORALL@GMAIL.COM or call (213) 446-4851
Link for flyer here.

It’s truly one of the most amazing volunteer opportunties! 


(Even if you’ve made these calls before, do it again. Our Democratic legislators need your calls on their tallies and they need to know you’ve got their back.) Continue reading “Friday Clean-up: Be a volunteer, calls on immigration and anti-choice bills.”

Thursday – 4 easy actions on drilling, bump stocks, kids’ lunches, and who’s in charge of our bodies

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#1 – No, we want to keep drilling safety protections. Really! – Deadline Jan. 29th.

duck in oil

It’s ridiculous that we have to beg to keep basic protections that experts have created after assessing the causes of multiple devasting oil spills. But this is a new era…

So, please join in and write to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement to keep offshore drilling safety practices as-is here. As of this morning, they only have 491 comments!

Your comment doesn’t have to be amazingly original. Cruise through here for some ideas, find something that sounds sort of like you after coffee and mix it up a bit.

Here’s a sample of comments already submitted: 

  • Please protect our coastal environment! Do not weaken the current regulations on offshore drilling. The current regulations incorporate valuable lessons learned from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, when 4.9 million barrels of oil spilled into the sea, killing nearly a million seabirds and still causing effects in the Gulf. The proposed rules loosen controls on blowout preventers and third party certification that safety devices will work under the extreme conditions in which they are placed. The impact of another spill like the Deepwater Horizon, which the new rules practically guarantee, will far outweigh the benefits of reducing operating costs for oil companies that can well afford them. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement should be committed to the safety of offshore drilling operations, not with oil company profits. Strong regulation and an independent BSEE are needed to ensure that offshore drilling can coexist with other important uses of our coastline, including recreation, tourism, fishing and wilderness.
  • I am writing to inform you of my concern for the announced drilling for oil off the coastline of the US. What a terrible idea! We should be preserving our environment instead of destroying it. This country already has enough sources for oil production. Why do this? Do the oil companies really need more money? Just asking.

#2 – Please comment on “bump stocks” to the ATF. Deadline Today!

Link here.

#3 – They’ve already attacked protections on clean water and air. Now they’re coming after kids’ nutrition. Comment thru Jan. 29

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