Social and environmental justice starts at home. Join in.

You don’t have to get arrested on the steps of the nation’s capitol or our state legislature to make meaningful change. This Memorial Day weekend, please carve out a couple of hours to help your neighbors and our community grow stronger.

  • Action #1: Share this information on Sunday’s social justice fair – both with those you know who could use it, and everybody else!
  • Action #2: Reach out to your neighbors to vote “YES” on Measures A & B for clean water for all and environmental justice for neighborhoods impacted by the oil industry. We include a list on how to fight back against those oil industry stooges, who solumnly intone misinformation and utter nonsense on endless flyers and commercials, funded by an $8 million dollar campaign.

Action #1: Share this information for Sunday’s social justice fair – both with those you know who could use it, and everybody else!

Services by community volunteers- both immigration experts and just regular people like us – are free, available without appointment, and offered to all who can make it to the Oxnard College Campus this Sunday between 9 am – 3 pm and every other “last-Sunday-of-the-month.

  • CITIZENSHIP/VOTER REGISTRATION: Our lawyers and acredited representatives (from MICOP, El Concilio and the amazing Vanessa Frank) oversee us community volunteers, who fill out applications for voter registration, citizenship, green card and DACA renewals. These experts also wrangle a million questions.
  • SPECIAL THIS MONTH – EMPLOYMENT LAW: Xavier Villegas, local employment and labor attorney, returns this month to help with questions about pay, overtime, rest and lunch time breaks, discrimination, and other important workplace issues.
  • SPECIAL THIS MONTH – FAMILY LAW: We will also have family law attorney Elvia Garcia, who can answer family law questions, along with preparing power of attorney forms (cartas de power).
  • EXPUNGEMENT: Attorney Onyx Starrett from the County of Ventura Public Defender’s office provides expungement services for those whose records are from Ventura County and advice for those from other counties and/or have felonies on their record. Misdemeanors can impede one’s ability to get a job, rent an apartment, or get a federal school loan, amongst other issues. This is the only free monthly expungement clinic available in CA.
  • EXPUNGEMENT+IMMIGRATION: Those going through the USCIS who want to clear their records of misdemeanors have access to both types of expertise at our fair.
  • FAMILY RESOURCES: From Medi-Cal navigators who can fill out applications at the fair to organizations who help with health care, notario awareness and more, this is an amazing opportunity to get assistance from a number of local organizations.


How can I (a citizen, a non-citizen, an interested teen) become involved?:

Action #2: Reach out to your neighbors – “YES” on Measures A & B is the right vote for clean water for all and environmental justice for neighborhoods impacted by the oil industry. Here’s how!

  • Canvass in your own neighborhood! Sign up for multiple dates in Ventura, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks and Camarillo, for both this weekend and for the coming week!
  • Text Voters on Saturday, May 28th!

Text Ventura County voters with a prewritten message asking if we can count on their “yes” vote on Measures A & B. Let’s go win this!

How does it work?

  1. We’ll set you up in our system.
  2. You’ll log into a texting website to send batches of 500 prewritten texts. A good number is between 1500 and 2000 (3-4 batches).
  3. Around 5% will respond and you’ll be notified with an email message.
  4. You’ll text back and forth a few times over the next 24 hours.

This activity works best if have a 24-hour window available where you can break away from your workflow to attend to texts every 2-3 hours.

Watch the first 2 minutes of this training video to see how it works or check out this 12-slide overview to learn enough to get you started. Sign up here:

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