Georgia on your mind? Write GOTV postcards to their voters!

First, a gratuitous earworm placement of one of our all-time favorite artists…

Postcard Option #1 – Postcards to Swing Voters!

We have reached our capacity, and we thank everyone who’s contacted us! But reaching our own limitations doesn’t mean you can’t help!

While we tussle with getting 17,500 postcards to their new homes, you can get started now by contacting Postcards to Swing States DIRECTLY. The only difference is that you’ll be providing your own postcards and postage.

  1. Pick a quantity and buy your postcards here. (50 card minimum)
  2. “Postcards to Swing States” will email you voter addresses and instructions.
  3. Buy enough $0.35 postcard stamps.
  4. Write the short message as shown below below (We do LOTS of postcards!)
  5. Send on Dec. 26 – 28th.

Postcard Option #2 – Flip the West


Flip the West is sponsoring a postcard campaign in support of the two Democratic challengers for U.S. Senate in the Georgia runoff. These races will determine whether the Dems or Mitch McConnell control the U.S. Senate for the first 2 years of the Biden/Harris administration**.”

More information here.

Postcard Option #3 – Join the GOOD Club’s post campaign!

The Greater Oxnard Org. of Democrats has got +5000 postcards and they know how to use them. Now they just need help! To pitch in, click here.

Postcard Option #4 – Join the Postcarding Project by non-partisan Election Defenders!

Sign up here. As you know, everything is on the line with the Georgia runoff on January 5th. Our goal is to send out 100,000 postcards to Georgia residents by next month encouraging them to vote and helping to request their absentee ballot. That number may seem like a lot, but with the Election Defenders, anything is possible!

After you sign up, we will:

  • Send you 50 postcards by mail (you should receive them in the next two weeks).
  • Send you scripts of what to write on your postcards (by email).
  • Addresses for unlikely voters (by email).

By signing up you agree to:

  • Send at least 50 postcards to voters in Georgia by December 18th.
  • Buy stamps for your postcards. This will come out to around $25 dollars. Unfortunately we can’t pay for stamps at this time. If this presents a hardship, please let us know and we will help how we can!
  • Drop your postcards in the mail by December 18th.

Questions about their non-partisan bonafides? Interesting in descalation techniques. Watch their training/explanatory video. Spanish translation for the video can be found here

Postcard Option #5 – Join the “Envoys for Humanity” campaign here.

We still have work to do! Following the leadership of Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight organization, we are currently focusing on writing to registered 18 – 25 year old Black voters in underserved parts of the state. The outcome of this race will determine which party controls the Senate. We need your help.

You supply the stamps and postcards; we supply the addresses of high-probability recipients and support.

Click/tap here to get started.

Letter Option #1 – Did you like doing “Vote Forward” letters? It’s back up for Georgia!

Vote Forward and Indivisible are now working together to increase civic participation by sending letters to voters. Indivisible can see the email addresses and info about the letter-writing activities of volunteers who sign up through this page. They use this information to measure their impact. They may also follow up with you by email.

Sign up here to volunteer.

For those who’ve never done this, don’t worry. Click here for their very clear instructions. Most of the letter is already written and printed out, with a space for you to add your own personal encouragement to a voter. You can easily choose how many voters you want to speak to and there are very clear instructions included in the link.

Letter Option #2 – Send Vote-by-mail letter to GA’s Forsyth south with Swing Left Greater Boston.

Sign up here. (Jessica Craven) They are sending absentee ballot request forms with a cover letter to Dem voters in GA. Everything gets printed from your home. They have a LOT of letters to do very quickly and they have evidence to prove this works. 50 letters takes about 2 hours to do. Mail by 11/23.

They will get details Saturday or Sunday, but they think you will need 50 envelopes, 50 stamps, and be able to print 100 sheets of paper.

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