Sun 11/8: Finding elections more interesting than you thought?

Volunteer with Scrutineers! Use your inner wonk for good!

Raise your hand: Who has learned more about elections since Trump took office, than they learned in high school civics class?

Oh, but there’s MORE! Check out the Scrutineers and their opportunities to help create trust in the integrity of our elections! If you are a detail-oriented person, and not frightened by words like “spreadsheet”, this may be the dream volunteer community for you!

Who or what are the Scrutineers?

Scrutineers is an online community of people who care about the fairness and accuracy of US elections and are committed to doing what we can to protect the elections. We’re movement veterans, newcomers, and everything in-between. We’re a nonpartisan organization dedicated to ending voter suppression and ensuring secure elections. We’re here to LEARN, CONNECT, and ACT. 

Now that the election is over, their project list for volunteers is being constantly updated. Some of the projects require you to become a membeer of Scrutineers ($1.99 – we are members!) and others don’t.

You can download their “Find a Project” app for Android or iPhone from here, or, as we have done, you can access the information through a computer. However, since we found the desktop interface a little confusing, we’re walking everyone through it here.

When the page comes up on a desktop computer, it just looks like the image of a phone, but you can enter your email address directly into it.

What we’ve found out by starting an Indivisible group, is how much ordinary citizens can be involved in the workings of their government. Poll working, census-taking, contacting legislators, running for office, helping good people get elected…so much depends on who steps up. If this community interests you, please get involved.

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