Tues 2/25: Busy morning. Remind the Ventura County Fair Board that their “gun problem” isn’t going away.

The monthly meeting of the Ventura County FairBoard is TODAY at 9 am! Go visit! Ask a question!

Brady members and others who find the continuing GUN SHOWS at our Fair Grounds unacceptable attend to speak during PUBLIC FORUM. Join us! WEAR ORANGE!!


  • Should GUN SHOWS be there at all? Has the board been actively searching for more acceptable alternatives? Is there a committee assigned to that task? When can we expect to hear the results?
  • As long as gun shows are continuing, how are they improving safety issues? Are the guns secured? Other weapons?
  • What kind of security is there, both in the building and in the parking lots? How are weapons brought in being tracked? Are people leaving the facility checked for proper paperwork for all weapons and ammunition?
  • What actions are they taking to actively discourage straw buyers? Is there an informational campaign with an active sign-in requirement at entrances to warn such buyers of the legal consequences?
  • What good-faith actions are gun show purveyors voluntarily doing to protect Californians from their dangerous merchandise being sold in more permissive nearby states? In 2018, 3,920 guns originally purchased in Nevada and Arizona were recovered by California law enforcement officers from crime scenes.
  • Why hasn’t the FAIR BOARD posted minutes from last month?
  • What action is the FAIR BOARD taking on the Citizen’s Advisory Committee suggested by many?

There are about a million other questions one can ask about why and how this activity occurs on public property. Go ask one!

Who: Board of Directors Meeting
When: Tuesday, February 25th, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.
Where: Ventura County Fairgrounds, 10 W. Harbor Blvd., Ventura
Room: Derby Club/ Director’s Room
Facebook event: here.



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