Tues – 2/25: 2 quick actions!

We’ve grouped these actions together, not just because both are quick to do, but because they are also connected. The global warming discussed in Action #2 is destroying agricultural economies in Central America. In Guatemala, it’s driving people into cities overrun with drug gangs and violence, caused both by its location in the drug supply chain from South America and from drug demand from us, the United States. The results of this forced interaction, combined with weak and corrupt law enforcement, ends with many having no choice but to flee for their lives. (Action #1).

Action #1 – Deliberate cruelty does not go unnoticed. Flood ICE with calls! This is a nationwide effort!

(From Rogan’s List) Cosecha Massachusetts leader, father, and beloved community member Nelson Fuentes is currently in detention, facing deportation. Nelson, who fled Guatemala to escape death threats, recently filed an appeal, automatically granting him a two week “stay of removal” and beginning a month-long period in which he can use more legal avenues to fight his case. Now ICE is trying to move him to another state—away from his partner and infant daughter, his legal team, and all his community support.

  • Call ICE now and tell them to stop Nelson Fuentes’s transfer!
  • Call 781-359-7500, dial 3 and ask for Jennifer Hood. Nelson’s A# is 206-801-944. 

Minimal script: I’m calling to ask you not to transfer Nelson Fuentes, A# 206-801-944. His entire legal team and, more importantly, his family and baby daughter, is in Massachusetts. Please keep him where he has access to them. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty is NOT an American value. Thanks.

More information can be found on Movimiento Cosecha’s Facebook Page.

Action #2 – Ventura County Climate Hub needs your help! Comment before 5:00 pm Thursday !



Ventura County needs your participation to strengthen the 2040 General Plan Update to cover the impacts of climate change.

There is an easy, quick bit of action you can take that will really help. We’re approaching the deadline for commenting on the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). Comments will be accepted until 5 pm on Thursday February 27—please chime in! Make a comment here.

Wait…what? This sounds tricky!
But no! There’s a lot of help here!

Climate Hub has not only created a great comment page to fill out to make this easier but they’ve also put together a whole list of great ideas to choose from here (pick your three favorites! Or more. Or concentrate on one.) or go with your own ideas.

CFROG (Climate First-Replacing Oil and Gas) offers these three points you can add on:

  • require a 2500-foot buffer around oil wells,
  • curb methane emissions,
  • restore the decisions of the Board of Supervisors to require that all new wells 1) collect gases rather than flare or vent, and 2) convey oil and produced water via pipelines instead of trucking.

You and your social circle: Today’s youth is very aware of how fast the climate is now changing, how it is contributing to catastrophic weather events and how they will bear the brunt of decisions made by people who won’t be around to see the damage they’ve caused.

Greta Thurnberg may be the most famous youth commenter on how global warming will effect her generation’s future, but she is not alone in this battle. Find your own words, from your heart, about how important it is for our local government to listen to its people and make positive change now.


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